Right then…

I signed up for WordPress thinking it would make leaving comments on posts of blogs I follow easier. That wasn’t exactly the case and WP decided I should really start a blog here too.

Blogging hasn’t really worked all that well for me over the years, I’ve started a couple of blogs on Blogspot, soon to be forgotten (nice slice of history now, though). I was more sucessful at maintaining some form of blogging on LiveJournal but even that fell by the wayside a couple of years ago. I’m trying to get back into it but it’s proving difficult.

So here I am now. I decided that I might post some of the stuff I write on here, because I want to post it somewhere and coming up with a nom-de-plume is just too hard.

Emma suggested I write about life with a pre-teen and the fun changes that brings. I might do that too.

Time will tell how I go with that!!


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