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I love to bake and decorate birthday cakes for my kids (and other people’s kids too). It was my son’s 7th birthday last Friday so it’s good timing, really.

Here are a few of the cakes I’ve made over the years (in absolutely zero chronological order). First, the 2 cakes for Aidan’s birthday.



         A purple monster for the purple party of a little boy who loooooooooooooves purple.

   7 cake

A 7 for school on Friday.

317509_10150457829677846_652814808_nAidan’s 4th birthday cake, a PPG cake, bright yellow inside. We had a yellow party.


A rocketship, with Pluto

rainbow  Cake inspired by the one in the movie Coraline, but with a rainbow inside, for Eloise’s 7th birthday.

treasure map cakeAidan asked for a treasure map cake for his 5th birthday. We obliged and had a lot of fun decorating the cake.

432_47222972845_5195_n Eloise turned 2. My first ever icing of a cake…

  429871_10150759219252846_1920884283_nGirl turned 8 and demanded a TARDIS.



So easy to make, so impressive on the table!


My wife needed a cake for a story in pictures for one of her assignments last year.

I also love baking chocolate chip oat cookies and making pizza, from scratch. I have a quick and easy recipe for pizza dough, that doesn’t require rising, tastes yummy and doesn’t go soggy. The pizza in this photo was bacon & feta.

   Pizza bacon feta d09261c0b55d11e38eac12c7dee43c86_8

If you want to see more of the cakes, click on the link to the Facebook album, right here


This writing thing…

A few days ago, I read a blog post about a writer friend’s writing process. It made me think about my own.

First things first, I don’t think of myself as a writer.

I guess that since I am writing, albeit stories that will probably stay forever unfinished, it makes me a writer of sorts. But I don’t have dreams of getting published one day. I have no intention to self-publish something I wrote. I have zero ambition about writing a book. I never had much ambition for anything, truth be told.

No, I write because I have these words in my head and they need to come out. Sometimes I get an idea and it stays in my head, pestering me until I write. Sometimes an idea will stop me from going to sleep, or will wake me up early.

I like to write in a notebook first, then type it on my laptop, changing things as I type. The words seem to flow more when I put pen to paper than when I sit down in front of a screen. Of course, one problem I’ve found with writing in a notebook is that if, by chance, I write more on the laptop when I type/edit then forget to update my notebook, I find myself unsure of where I left my story when I’m out and suddenly feeling writey.

I’ve been feeling writey lately but then going from feeling writey to actually writing can take up to a week or two… I did manage some writing when my wife was at an appointment on Friday. I was intent on advancing one of my stories, but I hadn’t updated my notebook so ended up writing a bit more of my threesome story instead.

Oh well. Writing is writing, right?


Notebooks 1, 2 and 3, full of words and currently stored in my bedside table.

notebooksCurrent notebooks. I keep writing different stories characters at the same time so I started both notebooks at the same time. One story on one side, then I flipped it and started writing from the other end of the notebook.

10693743_277950485726928_2066379747_nMy newest notebook only has lines on ONE side of the page, it’s very annoying.

Stylistic Comma Use

Very good points about commas!!

The Editing Hart

EHLM Commas

Commas. Oh, commas. I feel confident saying that commas are the hardest and most complicated of the grammatical constructions in the English language (and most others you could name). This has led to a theory (frequently taught to children to keep them from having to learn in school) that commas are largely optional. You can use them here, you can use them there, you can just do whatever with them, and when you see them in a sentence they can be safely ignored unless you’re reading it out loud and need to know when to pause. That is to say, commas are largely for playwrights.

This is wrong.

However, it is also illuminative. The English system of comma usage is complex enough that most simply do not learn it. Indeed, I know more than one editor and many a writer who has declined to learn it, instead simply getting the…

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Code Pink

This is part of a story I started writing 3 years ago. There is more to it, both before and after this excerpt, but it’s stuck inside my MacBook that I can’t get into (dead screen, useless repairman, long story…). Sooooooooooo… this is all there is for now.

Lexie just can’t keep her hands off her man, even on their wedding day…


“Calm down!” said Maddy, for the 100th time, at least.

Lexie looked at her ‘M of Honour’ and forced a smile. They’d giggled about what title to give her. Couldn’t really call her ‘maid’, what with all the sexing Maddy and her boyfriend Scott had going on and ‘matron’ was just such an ugly word. So ‘M of Honour’ it was.

Hair and make up done, strapless black gown all zipped up over super sexy black equally strapless bustier with little red roses on it, Lexie was ready ahead of time and getting antsy. She kept pacing around the room then stopping to look out the window, hoping the beautiful view would help calm her down.

Lakeside Luxury Resort was amazing, just like the brochure had promised. The clear waters of the lake sparkling in the sun. The green grass and leafy trees. The guests, dressed up to the nines, milling around, waiting for the ceremony to start. What the brochure had failed to mention was the dozens of photographers in the cordonned-off area onto one side of the lawn. The TV cameras with their damn live feed.

All there because Lexie Wilson, or as the media liked to call her, Little Miss Nobody, was marrying Mark Bannon, the country’s most eligible bachelor. It was a media circus; it had been since they’d made their relationship public then announced their engagement. Their wedding was being broadcast to the world but she didn’t really care about that, she only cared about that man.
Suddenly she just needed to see him. NOW.

“Maddy! Unzip me!” she asked in a rushed tone.

“What? Now? No!”

When Lexie tried to unzip the gown herself, Maddy raced to the rescue.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to see him,” Lexie explained.

“He’s fine. He’s with the boys.”

“I don’t care. I need to see him.” Continue reading


I was going to write an intro for this, but then I decided not to.  I think it works quite well as it is. ^_^

Leena got out of the taxi and look up at the hotel. Jeremy’s company always seemed to have them stay in flash hotels and she knew the key was to walk past the front desk like you owned the place or like you belonged there, which, hey, she did!

She walked through the fancy doors and after locating the bank of elevator, made a beeline for it. It dinged, the cabin opened and she stepped in it, pushing the button for the fourth floor. Just as the doors were closing she heard a call to wait and pushed the Open Doors button to wait for whoever it was who needed her elevator.

She immediately regretted her decision when she saw it was Steve Jones. Internally rolling her eyes she moved to the back of the confined space and waited for him to push the button which he did before turning to her.

“Well, well, well… look what the cat dragged in,” he said with a smirk.

“Hello to you too, Steven,” she replied, wishing the elevator to go faster.

“Didn’t expect you to see you here. Last I head you’d been given your marching orders from the boss,” he said with a raised eyebrow and it was all she could do to not scratch the smirk off his smug face.

Leena sighed.

“I was in New York, but Jeremy needs me… Cara understands,” she felt compelled to explain to him, hoping he wouldn’t go around telling everyone, but also knowing he wouldn’t let it drop.

“Wait… Cara? Davenport? THAT’s who your not-so-secret lover is?!” he exclaimed incredulous. Continue reading

I can’t seem to finish anything…

Bree Guildford got a new idea for a story and started writing it. We were having a creative meeting (basically, we sit around and discuss plot and story line and characters development) and talking about her new idea got me inspired.

So I started writing my idea. Then I stopped because I got stuck. That was 500 words, which, for a slow writer like me is not bad, really.

Then on Sunday night we were going to bed and I said to Bree I’d be there in a minute. I kept updating her by text about my word count. It kept climbing. My characters decided to be very naughty. Then suddenly I’d written 1033 words and I finished the scene and went to bed.

I am not calling it a story, it’s only 1533 words, it’s an idea that is still taking shape in my head and my brain keeps adding bits to it.

If only I could write as fast as my brain comes up with the stuff it wants me to write…

Ode to the #beardofawesome

Okay so this isn’t technically an ode, but ‘ode’ sounds a lot fancier than ‘me rambling about how much I will miss the #beardofawesome’.


In April 2013 two rather monumental events happened.  First of all, my wife and I got married – yay us!  But while that was going on the Crusaders were in South Africa for two games – and more importantly – they were partaking in a beard growing competition.

While most players had a date with their razor upon arriving home, one did not and that man was Ryan Crotty.

I remember getting up in the early hours to watch the games in South Africa and noticing the scruff on Mr Crotty, both of us noticed in fact, and hoped that when he returned to New Zealand he wouldn’t get rid of the scruff.  It was very becoming of the man!

First game back in NZ…

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