Gay Rugby – Why Diversity and Inclusiveness In Rugby Is Vital

By: Kyle Willoughby

In February of this year my view of rugby was fundamentally changed. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Scott Grachef to view and critique “The Rugby Player Film”. Scott, along with Holly and Chris Million, crafted a beautiful, and poignant story about Mark Bingham. Mark was an amazing, larger than life character. A hero, a fighter, a six foot plus beer swilling, heavy metal listening rugby player. Who was also gay.

One of the strongest features of the movie was the way Mark’s sexuality was addressed, with honesty, dignity and respect. Scott Grachef, Holly Million and Chris Million present a story based in a warmth that comes from a family that loved him, friends that supported him, and finally a sport that allowed him to be true to who he was in all facets.

The Rugby Player was my first introduction to gay rugby, with teams like…

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