I can’t seem to finish anything…

Bree Guildford got a new idea for a story and started writing it. We were having a creative meeting (basically, we sit around and discuss plot and story line and characters development) and talking about her new idea got me inspired.

So I started writing my idea. Then I stopped because I got stuck. That was 500 words, which, for a slow writer like me is not bad, really.

Then on Sunday night we were going to bed and I said to Bree I’d be there in a minute. I kept updating her by text about my word count. It kept climbing. My characters decided to be very naughty. Then suddenly I’d written 1033 words and I finished the scene and went to bed.

I am not calling it a story, it’s only 1533 words, it’s an idea that is still taking shape in my head and my brain keeps adding bits to it.

If only I could write as fast as my brain comes up with the stuff it wants me to write…


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