This writing thing…

A few days ago, I read a blog post about a writer friend’s writing process. It made me think about my own.

First things first, I don’t think of myself as a writer.

I guess that since I am writing, albeit stories that will probably stay forever unfinished, it makes me a writer of sorts. But I don’t have dreams of getting published one day. I have no intention to self-publish something I wrote. I have zero ambition about writing a book. I never had much ambition for anything, truth be told.

No, I write because I have these words in my head and they need to come out. Sometimes I get an idea and it stays in my head, pestering me until I write. Sometimes an idea will stop me from going to sleep, or will wake me up early.

I like to write in a notebook first, then type it on my laptop, changing things as I type. The words seem to flow more when I put pen to paper than when I sit down in front of a screen. Of course, one problem I’ve found with writing in a notebook is that if, by chance, I write more on the laptop when I type/edit then forget to update my notebook, I find myself unsure of where I left my story when I’m out and suddenly feeling writey.

I’ve been feeling writey lately but then going from feeling writey to actually writing can take up to a week or two… I did manage some writing when my wife was at an appointment on Friday. I was intent on advancing one of my stories, but I hadn’t updated my notebook so ended up writing a bit more of my threesome story instead.

Oh well. Writing is writing, right?


Notebooks 1, 2 and 3, full of words and currently stored in my bedside table.

notebooksCurrent notebooks. I keep writing different stories characters at the same time so I started both notebooks at the same time. One story on one side, then I flipped it and started writing from the other end of the notebook.

10693743_277950485726928_2066379747_nMy newest notebook only has lines on ONE side of the page, it’s very annoying.


6 thoughts on “This writing thing…

  1. I admire your dedication to handwriting! It’s quickly becoming a lost art form, but I’m such a sucker for gorgeous journals that I hope it never goes completely out of style. The spiral/fern and dandelion books you posted are so pretty 🙂

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    • My handwriting is all over the place to be honest, it looks different from page to page! But yes, I always feel more comfortable with a pen in my hand. Like for drawing. Emma bought me a drawing tablet for Christmas but I feel more capable with a pen and paper. But then if I have a pen and paper I’m forever drawing people doing naughty things.
      Finding the right notebook is tricky and time consuming, I’m telling you!

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