I started writing a post earlier today but halfway through writing it, I realised that I wrote about the exact same thing a few weeks ago…

The one about the 1033 words I wrote in one setting on my new story, instead of going to bed at the same time as my wife.

See, the thing is, 1000 words might not seem like much to some people (looking at you, Bree of the 10,000 words a day), but for me it’s quite something. Especially since I seem to write in bursts. Bursts of inspiration that is. I’ll feel writey for days and then suddenly the words are ready and I’ll write. Then it stops.

I meant to write today, so I started reading another story I wrote, to see if I’d feel inspired to write more. Instead I changed and added bits here and there. Then I did some googling.

My wife found a book at the Red Cross book store last week, a book from 1853 in which a little boy had written his name (under 2 other names) in 1905. Some googling took us to a genealogy page where we learned that some of the people of that family were buried in the Old Cemetery of the town we live in. On Thursday we went looking for their headstones at the cemetery and were rather excited to find them.
Today we decided to email the man who owns the genealogy page we’d found, to tell him about the book and he was as excited as us to learn about it all. We’ve been learning about his family history and it’s pretty amazing. The little boy who wrote in the book in 1905 moved to Fiji in the 1940s and founded Blue Lagoon Cruises!

It’s cold tonight and my ankles are frozen. Time for a cuppa and some reading/editing.


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