You don’t know.

I have friends who have kids with autism and a post like this one helps me understand a little bit what it must be like, as a parent.

glass half full

You will know today is your birthday because we will tell you “Happy Birthday!”  You don’t know how to respond except to echo “Happy Birthday!” and you don’t know what birthdays mean, other than you get to sing a catchy tune with those words in it.  All day yesterday, when I would tell you “It’s your birthday tomorrow!” you responded by singing “Happy Birrrrthday dear Carson!” because Carson is in your class and you went to his birthday party in September.  You don’t know that we will have to train you to answer “How old are you?” with “Six.”

You don’t know that I’m having a hard time believing you’re six.  That I’m quickly realizing that this is getting harder as you get older.  You don’t know that one of my least favorite questions from strangers is “How old is he?” because I could always tell they…

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