A little stress relief required

His phone started to ring just as he was shutting his front door. It was Aurora.

“Hey!” Christopher answered the call, briefly wondering why she was calling him at 11.30am on a Tuesday.
“Hey you. Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”
“Nah, just got home from the gym. What’s up?” he replied as he flopped on the couch and kicked his shoes off.
“Well…. I was wondering what you were doing tonight… We’re hosting this super posh evening at work for a potential client, big money, blah blah blah and it starts before Tasha gets home. I won’t get back until super late and I know she’s had a shit day today so I was wondering if you were up for a little role playing to cheer her up.”
Christopher chuckled. “There’s role playing now?”

The girls always seemed to come up with things that kept him coming back for more. It’d been that way since he’d met them at a mutual friend’s party a few months before. They’d hit it off immediately, acting like long lost best friends from the get go, and he’d spent the night with them. None of them had slept very much that night, and a very open and honest discussion had followed the next morning. Aurora and Natasha were very much in love with each other but regularly opened their home, and their bed, to Christopher. They were best friends with very sexy benefits and while he cared deeply for both girls, he was not in love with either of them. It was mutually satisfying arrangement, really. He was way too busy with training and games to worry about dating anyway and the girls had someone on hand to provide the ‘damn good pounding’ Aurora claimed every girl needed once in a while.

“You know how she gets when you’re wearing your suit… I just think it would be a very nice surprise for her to find a certain Mr Thomas waiting for Miss Jensen in her office when she gets home.”

He laughed. He had indeed seen the looks of utter hunger in Natasha’s eyes every time he was wearing his suit for a team function, or, really, every time any player she deemed hot was wearing a suit for anything. This could be very interesting…

“Sure… What time should Mr Thomas turn up then?” he asked, feeling stupid for talking about himself in the third person.
“Oh Mr Thomas, Miss Jensen will be so happy, except we’re not telling her, cos we’re evil like that.” Aurora cajoled.
“Speak for yourself!” Christopher rebuffed.
“Fuck up! So, I’ll be home around 4 to get ready. Tasha is not back until 7pm tonight, she said there was a snafu at work. I have to be back at work by 6. So make sure you’re there BEFORE she gets home and that you’re wearing that suit… Trust me,” Aurora finished.


It was 4.30pm when he parked his car on the street a few houses down from the girls’ house, in the opposite direction to the one Natasha would be coming home from, so it wouldn’t be so obvious he was there.

He walked the few hundred metres to the girls’ front door and let himself in with his key, making his way straight for the girls room. He heard the water going in the ensuite and, after hanging his suit on the hook on the back of the door, got rid of his shoes and his clothes before very quietly opening the door to the ensuite.

Aurora was nearly hidden by the steam filling the room but he could see the blurry outline of her naked body, her face under the spray of water. He opened the shower door and joined her in the shower, his hands finding her hips as he stepped closer to her. Her eyes snapped open in surprise then she smiled when she saw it was him.

“You’re early,” she said with a grin, pressing herself to him, her hands on his chest.
“I thought I could help you get ready.” He shrugged and she laughed.
“Riiiiight… If you joining me in the shower is helping me get ready, I’m the Queen of England!”

His hands slid down the curve of her bottom and he gave her a slap, making her gasp, her hips bucking against him at the unexpected contact.

“You sounded stressed about that work thing…” He bent his head down and traced her bottom lip with his tongue, feeling her breath hitch. “I thought I could help with THAT before you had to leave…” His tongue dipped in her mouth, grazing her tongue and making her moan loudly over the noise of the water. She moved her hands up from his chest to his shoulders as they started kissing, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He moved one of her legs up to his waist, bringing his cock into contact with her slit and grinned against her mouth when she jumped up to wrap both legs around his waist, his hands on her ass holding her close. She started kissing him harder and he lifted her up just enough to be able to slide his cock inside her, both of them moaning when he hit the back of her pussy. He was always amazed at how easily Aurora took him inside her (and it was the same with Natasha) and put it down to their very high sex drive and extreme horniness causing them to get very wet very fast… It was nice not having to worry about potentially hurting his sex partner because of his enormous cock.

He pinned her against the wall, his full body weight on her with every thrust, the hot water cascading on them. He knew they didn’t have a lot of time but he felt it was his duty to help her get rid of the stress caused by that work thing she was going to. Her nails digging into his shoulders spurred him on as he started thrusting faster, the moans and cries coming from her confirming this was what she needed.

“Harder…” she pleaded and he complied, the tightness of her pussy as well as the mad clenching indicating to him she was getting close. A couple more hard thrusts was all it took for the both of them and she dug her nails in deeper as she screamed when her orgasm hit, his following a second later. They collapsed on the shower floor in a tangle of arms and legs, panting and laughing.

He rested his head on her shoulder and moaned softly when she began stroking the back of his neck.

“Oops…” he heard her exclaim as he felt her fingers run over his shoulders.
“What?” he asked, puzzled.
“Oh, nothing… Just wondering what Miss Jensen will say when she sees the marks my nails have left on your back…” Aurora explained.
Christopher chuckled, wincing a little when she ran her fingers lightly over said marks.

He got to his feet and offered her a hand. “Come on, let’s get out of here before you’re late for that work thing,” he prompted, aware that since time always seemed to pass faster than he thought when he was having sex with Natasha and Aurora, it stood to reason it would happen when he was with only one of them as well. Aurora pouted as she stood up and turned the shower off.

“But I don’t wanna go… I have to wear my fancy dress and play nice with gross old guys in suits who will stare at my boobs and try to grab my ass when my boss isn’t looking.”

She sighed and got her robe off the hook on the back of the door, handing him a towel from the adjoining hook. They always had a fresh towel for him in their ensuite, just in case. They got dry in silence and he put his trackies and t-shirt back on while she was busy selecting her clothes for the work do.

“Time for a cuppa?” he enquired, leaving the room after she’d nodded her approval, heading for the kitchen. He busied himself making the hot drinks, keeping an eye on the clock. It was nearly 5.15pm and he knew she’d have to leave soon or she would be late. When she didn’t come into the kitchen he went looking for her, leaving the steaming mugs on the kitchen island.

He found her in the doorway to Natasha’s office, looking stunning in her black dress. He noted she was wearing her favourite slutty heels too, which struck him as a bit inappropriate for a work do but if the aim was to charm the new clients into signing a contract, who was he to judge?

Whatcha doing?” he asked, coming to a halt behind her.
Mmm? Just thinking… I haven’t actually seen my woman since the early hours of this morning. I had to go in super early and I hate waking her up.”

Christopher snorted. He knew for a fact that Aurora loved waking Natasha up for some middle of the night sex.

Fine, I hate to wake her up when I have to go to work.” She sighed and pressed her back against his front when he wrapped his arms around her waist and hooked his chin on her collarbone.

I miss her, you know…”
He nodded against her neck before turning his head so he could kiss her cheek. “I know. I promise I will take good care of her,” he assured her, meaning every word.
Saw your suit on the back of the door. Niiiiice choice. I’m sure Miss Jensen will be most impressed…”

Her remark made him chuckle and he couldn’t help moving his hands up to cup her breasts, loving how her breath hitched and her hips bucked into him when he swiped both her nipples with his thumbs. It was her fault, really, for wearing that dress with that amount of cleavage showing.

She leaned into him, her plea for him to stop immediately contradicted by the way she arched her back, pushing her breasts into his hands.

He walked them forward into the room all the way to Natasha’s desk, his hands running slowly down her side to round her ass.

You still seem to be a little stressed,” he whispered, pushing her forward with one hand until her top half was flat on the desk, his other hand moving over that spot on her ass that he knew made her clench. When he heard her whimper he moved his hand back and brought it down on her ass, hard.

Aurora cried out and pushed her bottom out to meet his hand as he striked again. He loved the way she reacted to being spanked; the sight in front of him causing his cock to harden in his trackies.

She was wearing garter and stockings and he knew from experience she’d be wearing a matching set of bra and panties so he was very surprised when he realised that she was in fact NOT wearing any panties. It was a tidbit his brain refused to ignore and he swiftly moved his free hand between her legs and pressed three fingers inside her already drenched pussy as he spanked her a third time. He groaned when he felt the warm wetness envelop his fingers, wishing there was time for him to bury his cock inside her again.

He kept spanking her as he began thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy, her cries coming louder and louder the harder he brought his hand down on her ass. Soon he added another finger, letting out a low growl when her pussy accommodated the extra finger without a problem. He moved his fingers deeper and faster, hitting that magic spot deep inside her and it wasn’t long until she came with a loud scream, her pussy squeezing his fingers very tightly.

He slowly removed his hand when she stopped moving, wiping it on his trackpants before he helped her to a stand and turned her around in his arms. She rested her head on his chest for a minute, still trying to get her breath under control then looked up at him, smiling.

Thank you… I guess I needed that…” she whispered.

Christopher kissed her softly. “You’re welcome. Now get your knickers on and get going or you’ll be late.”

She rolled her eyes at him before leaving the room. “You’re right. Evil but right.”

After another kiss she was off and he was left with the fun task of getting into his suit with a boner of epic proportions.


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