It’s Not Your Fault

“You would choose multiple orgasms not a mental illness.”
I am married to a person with mental health issues and I know that it is not a choice she made. A person can’t change the way their brain thinks. All one can do is be there for them and offer love and support and just LISTEN.

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If I could tell someone with a mental illness anything it would that their mental illness was not their fault. I know in theory that this should be obvious but it doesn’t feel obvious. What I am trying to say is that too often mental illness is taken out on those who suffer from it. I’m here to say that if you, like me suffer from a mental Inness it is not your fault. You did not choose your illness or to suffer from it. You are not selfish. Your mental illness is not your fault.

For years I blamed myself for being ill. I felt that my getting ill was due to a personal weakness. I felt if I had been stronger I could have pushed through. A person shouldn’t have to push through. There is so much help those who have a mental illness that it saddens me…

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