A dirty dirty mind…

I’ve always been a doodler. I remember filling up the sides of my folder when I was at school with shapes that fit together but did not touch.


A bit like that, though this one is rather recent…


In the past few years, when I’ve been in a meeting (I worked for a charity for a bit), I find myself filling the page before me with little flowers. It helps me focus on what is being said around me.


I was so bored in a community meeting one time I wrote down a tally of what everyone in the room was wearing…


More recently I’ve found myself drawing people. I’ll be sitting there chatting away with my wife and whoever and if there’s a pen nearby, I’ll find a piece of paper, the back of a shop receipt, the little paper coaster under my chai latte, a serviette, anything, and draw on it. It usually ends up being flowers or people and more often than not it’s people having sex.

I just can’t help it. I don’t pretend to be awesome at this drawing things; I hate drawing hands and feet, and faces are not a favourite either but every time I have a pen in my hand I seem to be drawing the curve of a breast and then adding to it. Sometimes it’s a woman in a fancy dress, sometimes it’s people having sex.


Sometimes I’ll add clothes and a background because we’re at a friend’s house and there are kids running around…


Some dresses I drew a couple of years ago


The thing is, though, naked people having sex don’t just happen when I’m doodling. No. That would be too easy… Every time I’m in the shower washing my hair, I’ll put the hair that falls from my head on the wall until I’m done, so it doesn’t clog the drain. Yes, I always get rid of it at the end, I’m not a savage! But every time I wash my hair and completely randomly stick fallen hair to the wall, it ALWAYS end up looking like people having sex. There was 3 hair people couples at it on the wall yesterday! It’s a curse of some kind, I’m sure!

Earlier this year Bree decided to start posting some of my drawings on her blog. Sexy Sunday Scribbles she called them. The posting of those has been a bit random but maybe that can be a resolution for next year!

I’ll leave you with one of my sexy scribbles from the back of a receipt.





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