It’s 10.23pm on New Year’s Eve.
We just watched A Princess For Christmas (Sam Heughan in a tuxedo nom nom nom) with the kids after a delicious dinner of chicken nibbles, chips and then brown sugar pavlova, and they’ve gone to sleep in the tent in the backyard.

We predict at least half of them back in the house within the hour. In the meantime, we’re having sponge cake (made with the egg yolks left over from the pav) and watching some Justified.

It has occured to me that this blog I started to share the smut I’d written has become a random assortment of smut, crochet and other stuff. They don’t call me Random Girl for nothing! ^_^

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this story I started writing 3 years ago, that is lost (for now, for I have hope to retrieve my files somehow, some time) on my MacBook (the screen went super dark and the guy who was supposed to fix it didn’t AND didn’t screw the laptop back together properly so I don’t want to turn it on, for fear it will die a permanent death). I still remember the plot parts of that story so I was thinking, why don’t I just start it again?

Could be my New Year Resolution, I guess…

Have a safe New Year celebration.


The story of us

In case some of you were wondering how Bree and I met and became ‘us’, here it is, in her own words.
I keep thinking it’s been 4 years for some reason, but no, it will be 3 years on Sunday…

This time of year always makes me feel a little giddy.  It’s not because of Christmas (let’s face it, Christmas is stressful) and it’s not because 22a6ae5f654a0e5c5de8b8c939be45e8of New Years (as a parent NYE is just another night and NYD is just another day); no, it is because it is this time of year I fell in love with my wife… and for some crazy reason, she fell in love with me.  It was unexpected, it was beautiful, it was amazing.  And our relationship (marriage!) still is.

August 2010 – my youngest was about two months old and I decided to seek out some online single parenting support.  I managed to track down a message board based in New Zealand and finally started to connect with other single mums.  One of those mums is the woman who became my bestfriend, soulmate, and wife.

February 2011 – the city I live(d) in…

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Oh ScreenTime app, l love you!

We got our kids tablets for Christmas (my stepmum sent Christmas/birthday money for the coming year), the same ones that were on the news for the alleged easily accessible porn downloads (I had a look before we gave them to the kids and no, it wasn’t that easy, I mean, what kid, when going on an app download app, will scroll down 5 pages to find the ‘Adult’ section when the ‘Games’ one is right at the top?).

First thing we did was to download the Screen Time app that gives us control of what apps the kids have access to and how long they spend on their tablets, by that I mean, they get a daily limit and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s the summer holidays at the moment so they have 5 hours every day (it will go down during school time). For the past week, Aidan has spent about 4 hours watching Minecraft videos (curse you Stampy!) and run out of tablet time around lunchtime.

About three days ago I told them that when the bedtime block kicks in at 8pm the only app still available to them is the e-reader. Gabrielle has made use of it and last night, this happened… aidanMy little man (he’s 7) decided to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I’d just read him 3 chapters of the hard copy of the book). He read them again but I don’t care, he’s reading!

Chocolate cake or shower sex?

Last time we saw Paige and Carly, they’d just had reunion sex after Paige came home from a four-week overseas trip.

They were starving after all the sex but decided to stay in. Of course Paige gets some ideas…

Paige snuggled up and considered their dinner options. “I’d be happy with toast if that means we can stay naked…”

Carly pretended to consider that idea then kissed Paige on the forehead. “Toast it is then! Or maybe grilled cheese sandwiches?”

“Ok,” Paige replied before yawning and reaching up to kiss Carly’s neck. She couldn’t resist nibbling on the crook of Carly’s neck while she was there, knowing full well the effect it had on her girlfriend.

Carly moaned softly and bit her lip. “Come on,” Carly urged Paige, “or we’ll never eat.” Continue reading

Virginity – and why I am nervous for our kids

I am nervous for our children… and that doesn’t just come from being a mum with an anxiety disorder.

The teenage years are horrible.  I remember them well and I know everyone reading this will remember them well.  The hormones, the pressure, the angst, the need for independence and not feeling as if you are getting enough, the decisions that you need to make about life (seriously, WHY are we expecting 17 year olds to know what they want to do with the rest of their life?!), and then there is everything sex related, but particularly the losing of one’s virginity.

I remember being a teenager and the huge deal that was made about losing the ‘big V’.  Parents and teachers were slamming home the point that you should wait until you are properly ready and that you lose it under the right circumstances.  Friends and peers brag about losing…

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Hannah & Josh celebrate Christmas…

I love Hannah and Josh, so glad they’ve managed to work things out and get back together!

Merry-christmas-images-4Helllllllew lovely people!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Yeap, it is officially Christmas Day in my neck of the world and we are just about to head off for a day of wet fun… NO, not that type of wet fun.  We are going to the lake!

(the other wet fun will come later…)

Before I leave I wanted to post this short little story I wrote this morning.  As you will see it has a very Christmasy theme… and they DO have that type of wet fun (lucky bastards!).

Have a fabulous Christmas, everyone!

Bree xxx


“Darling, can you come with me for a minute?” Grace asked Josh who reluctantly released Hannah from his arms so he could stand up.

“Need a man to do something, do ya?” Josh joked and Grace rolled her eyes at him.

“Because women can’t do anything for themselves, son?” Grace asked in a tone that…

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