Sex and a spanking… just a normal afternoon in suburbia

Like I said, I love love love Jenna and Lucas and I can’t wait for Bree to write more about them, when she’s done with Laine, Blake and Logan and whoever else she’s writing about at the moment…

Emma Masson-Oakden

It’s late here, but I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my stories, before I head to bed!
This excerpt is from a story I have posted a few excerpts from before, the main characters are two couples –  Jenna & Lucas, and India & James – and it follows both couples on their path to parenthood.  For those of you who have read previous excerpts from this story, you will know that Jenna and Lucas are pregnant with a baby boy, five years after losing their little girl, Sasha, at 14 weeks.
This little afternoon of sexing occurs after Lucas has a run in with their (ex) friend Shane, who they have just found out was cheating on his girlfriend…
I’m too ill and tired to go into anymore detail, so I shall leave you with the excerpt, and links to other excerpts (including My Sexy…

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