Something a little different

Reblogging this one because I love Jenna and Lucas, they’re part of a much bigger story that Bree is writing. Also because baby loss is something that touches me personally. **warning** there could be tears, this is NOT a happy post!

Emma Masson-Oakden

This year one of my classes I am taking is Creative Writing.  I thought I would love the paper but have to admit I am finding it hard because so much of it is about the analysis of writing, rather than ‘just writing’.

In the poetry unit I wrote a poem that I thought was what the lecturer was after… it was in no way my own style of writing, and I was devastated when I got a lot of ‘you need to fix this…’ type feedback.  I had put so much effort into it and turned myself inside out writing it, it was a real blow to not get the positive feedback I was hoping for.

Then along came the fiction unit of the class.  As with the poetry unit, we had to submit a short story to go in our final portfolio, and the thought made me slightly…

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