All I want for Christmas is more wool!

I was trying to make an appliqué bat for Mr7 who looooooooooves purple but it went a different way and ended up cat-shaped so I gave it a tail and called it a cat.10838724_1525083224406906_650028298_nI taught Miss10 how to make the easy 5 petal flower, she did make most of this one, I made the stem/leaf for her. She took it to school yesterday and gave it to her boyfriend. [insert mum eyeroll] When I saw her at school this morning she mentioned that 7 kids in her class had asked her to make them flowers. She even had a list with names and colour specs!


My stepmum sent us money yesterday (all my family lives in France) for Christmas and the birthdays of 2015 for the 6 of us so after lunch my wife and I went to the wool shop and well, came home with those (and a size 10 hook). I have NO idea at this point what I’m going to do with that wool but I just HAD to take it home, especially that top one in the photo below, as it was the last one in the shop. I had to rescue it. 10821835_317241338477457_729385255_oThis one I’d been eyeing for a while, since I bought the other one from the same brand, the one I used to make that hat I’m not quite happy with…10819700_317241425144115_1588003612_o

Also I have started to think about another hat I want to make, a funky one like the dino-beanie I made for Mr7…


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