Not feeling it

I started this blog because my wife pushed me to, with the argument that the world needed to read my smut.

I thought, ok, I can do that. So I posted bits and pieces of things I had written.

Then she showed me crochet and I got obsessed with that.

My post about the things I’ve crocheted have had WAY more views that any of my smut. I know I’m not blogging to get views, but still it’s nice to see that the stuff you post is getting seen.

The disparity in views re my posts makes me all doubty about my writing and rather discouraged, to be honest.

Or maybe I’m just having a blah day/week/month.


Just ignore me, I’ll be ok.


3 thoughts on “Not feeling it

  1. My thoughts: Crochet people are obsessed with crochet and skim lots of crochet posts via the tags as well as by following individual blogs. So crochet posts get good stats. But that doesn’t mean they are better posts. Write what you want to write. The audience for other stuff may be harder to find than the crochet crowd but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

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  2. Here’s what I’ve learned since I started writing with the intent to publish: For the most part, the only people who read writing-related blogs are other writers. Your average non-writing reader is not scouring WordPress for snippets of fiction, however smutty. They’re buying books by published authors they love. The people you interact with in the erotica (or sci-fi, or fantasy, or crime) genre corner of the blogosphere are, nine times out of ten, going to be other writers, and while we are a lovely bunch, we’re also constantly struggling with ourselves to read ALL the things or write ALL the things. If our goal is to be published, we really need to be doing more of the latter, which means that sometimes, we get behind on reading our friends’ blogs.

    Now, you also crochet, and while I haven’t spent much time in the crafting corner of the internet, I can tell you that their online community is VERY active, not only here, but on sites like Pinterest. In fact, if you love to crochet and want to build a readership and interact with lots of people, I highly suggest you consider making a separate crafting blog, plus a Pinterest account where you can showcase your projects and link back to your site.

    It’s not about your work, it’s about the nature of the community. I highly recommend you read this article by author, Roni Loren:, with special attention paid to #3 on her list. It certainly helped me when I was feeling a bit lost.

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