Making up for lost time

Remember Paige? She was in Jack’s kitchen, telling him all about a naughty book, which lead to kitchen shenanigans (yes, I use that word too much, I know).

A week before Paige ended up at Jack’s house, she was on a plane home after four weeks away visiting her family. She met Jack on the last leg of her trip as they were sitting next to each other on that last plane. She was met by her girlfriend Carly in the arrivals terminal.

This is what happens when the girls get home.

Paige walked in the house after Carly and closed the door behind them. She stopped in the kitchen and looked around, under Carly’s watchful eye.

“I’ve missed home.”

She put her handbag down on the table and turned to her girlfriend who was standing behind her with a big smile on her face.

“I’ve missed YOU.”

Paige reached out and cupped Carly’s face, noticing the tears threatening to spill. “Never again, baby, I promise.”

They reached for each other at the same time, Paige’s arms wrapping themselves around Carly’s neck, Carly’s arms tightening their hold around Paige’s waist, bringing their bodies closer and their mouths fusing together.

The kiss quickly turned passionate; they had always had a very healthy sex life and they had four weeks to catch up on.

As she grazed Carly’s tongue with hers, Paige reflected that suddenly she wasn’t all that tired anymore, even though she’d just spent 2 days on various planes so, grasping the edges of Carly’s top, she pulled it up and off her girlfriend, before burying her face in Carly’s neck and biting down on the crook of her neck.

Carly whimpered and Paige bit harder, her hands reaching around Carly to undo the clasp of her bra. She straightened up and looked into Carly’s eyes, biting her lip as she slid the bra straps off her girlfriend’s arms. Carly moaned then crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Bed. Now. Please.”

Paige nodded eagerly and they raced each other down the hallway to their bedroom, clothes flying as soon as they got into the room. They dove into bed at the same time, grinning at each other.

Paige cupped Carly’s face again and kissed her lips gently before pulling back to look at her with a soft smile.


“Hi…” Carly smiled back at her.

Paige leaned forward to capture Carly’s lips, her tongue sliding in her girlfriend’s mouth, making her moan and press her body closer.

Paige grinned against Carly’s mouth as she moved one hand up to swipe her nipple, delighting in the answering moan. She started rubbing Carly’s nipple softly at first, then a little bit harder before she upped the ante and started squeezing the nipple and tugging on it, loving the way Carly was tangling one hand in her hair and kissing her harder, while moaning louder and louder.

“Oh fuck, baby…”

Paige pushed Carly onto her back and swapped her fingers for her mouth, flicking and sucking Carly’s nipple while her hand moved south between her girlfriend’s legs. She lightly ran her nails up and down the inside of Carly’s thighs, ghosting over her pussy but not really touching her yet.

She grinned at Carly’s frustrated whimper then tugged on her nipple with her teeth at the same time she pressed one finger on Carly’s clit before sliding it slowly down her slit to her hole.

Paige groaned when her finger encountered copious amounts of wetness, and she ran it back up and down Carly’s slit a couple of times before pushing two fingers inside Carly’s hole, making her girlfriend moan and buck her hips against her hand.

Paige started pumping her fingers in and out of Carly’s hole, nice and slow, while she continued to suck and tug on Carly’s nipple. When she moved her fingers out of Carly’s pussy and her mouth off the delicious nipple she heard another frustrated whimper escaping her girlfriend’s mouth and looked up at her, trying not to giggle at the disappointed look on Carly’s face.

‘I’m sorry, bub, but I can’t wait any longer… I need the taste of you on my tongue,” she explained as she watched the whimpery smile her words caused before sliding down Carly’s body to lie between her thighs, her face inches from her girlfriend’s pussy.

“Fuck I’ve missed you…” she murmured against Carly’s skin before breaching the gap and lapping at Carly’s pussy with the flat of her tongue, again, and again, and again.

She still remembered the first time she’d gone down on Carly, on their third night together, not thinking she was ready to do THAT yet but not fighting the urge when she’d felt it, surprising both her and Carly in the process.

She licked her way back down Carly’s slit, pushing her tongue inside Carly’s hole and moaned when the intimate taste of her girlfriend’s pussy hit her tongue, making her realise just HOW MUCH she’d missed it.

She grinned when Carly’s hand landed on her head, tangling in her hair, because she needed the connection just as much.

One of her hands spread her girlfriend’s pussy open so her tongue could reach deeper inside. Carly’s moans were getting louder and Paige wanted to hear her scream so she pulled back a bit, sliding two fingers deep inside Carly’s hole while her tongue moved up Carly’s slit again and she started licking her clit, back and forth.

She could feel Carly’s pussy clench around her fingers and rubbed harder on that spot inside Carly that made her hips move faster.

Paige felt her own pussy clench when Carly’s moans turned into cries of pleasure and she licked her clit faster, feeling it throb under her tongue. She felt Carly’s fingers tighten their hold on her hair and she licked and sucked her clit faster still, her fingers still rubbing that spot deep inside her girlfriend’s pussy now as she pressed her face closer.

Carly came apart with a loud scream, clenching hard around Paige’s fingers.

Paige slowly removed her fingers but kept gently licking up and down Carly’s slit while her girlfriend was trying to catch her breath, all whimpery and full of post-orgasm aftershocks.

When the aftershocks subsided she moved up until she was lying next to Carly again. She looked at her with a grin before leaning closer to kiss her, both of them moaning when their tongues touched.

They’d always loved kissing right after one of them had gone down on the other and this time was no exception. When they broke the kiss Paige snuggled up against Carly and yawned.

“You sleep for a bit, bub, I’ll wake you up in an hour or two so you can actually sleep tonight,” Carly told Paige, kissing her forehead before sitting up and pulling the duvet up over her girlfriend.

“M’kay…Love you…” Paige replied sleepily before she moved down the bed a bit to get comfortable, sighing contentedly as she wrapped her arm around Carly. She was asleep nearly instantaneously.


Carly looked up from her book to check the time and realised she’d been reading for nearly 2 hours. It was time to wake Paige, or she’d be up again at 3am with no intention of going back to sleep. Stupid jet lag.

Paige had rolled over in her sleep and pushed the duvet down and Carly let her eyes take in the sight of her girlfriend’s naked body lying next to her. Her eyes set on Paige’s breasts and she suddenly felt ravenous, and not for food.

She closed her book and dropped it on her bedside table as she tried to decide on the best way to wake Paige up. She picked up the duvet and pulled it completely off the both of them before leaning in, her mouth stopping just short of Paige’s nipple.

Her lips hovered over it for a second and she looked up at Paige’s face before touching the nipple with the tip of her tongue. She heard Paige let out a little whimper that made her smile then she started sucking on the nipple, feeling it harden against her tongue, which in turn made her moan.

Her other hand skimmed over Paige’s ribcage and up to the other nipple, her thumb brushing lightly over it. Paige moaned and Carly felt her girlfriend’s hand brush hair off her face, knowing for certain that she was now awake.

Carly’s thumb brushed Paige’s nipple again and Paige moaned loudly, burying her fingers into Carly’s hair and pulling her closer, enticing her to suck harder on the nipple in her mouth.

Soon, Carly began to squeeze the nipple between two fingers, lightly at first but progressively harder, loving the fact that every time she touched, licked, squeezed, tweaked, pinched, sucked on her nipples, Paige would whimper, squeezing her thighs together and writhing on the bed.

She could always tell the moment it became not enough and when a few minutes later Paige threw her a pleading look, Carly smiled at her before moving her hand down between Paige’s legs.

Carly moaned just as loudly as Paige when her fingers slid down her girlfriend’s slit and met the delicious wetness of her pussy for the first time in 4 weeks.

Paige spread her legs wide and Carly dipped a finger in her hole before sliding it back slowly up to her clit, causing Paige to whimper again.

“Oh god… I love you…”

“I love you too, bub,” Carly replied as she started rubbing slow circles on Paige’s clit, her mouth returning to Paige’s nipple.

When Paige’s hips started moving in time with the movements of her finger on her clit Carly abandoned her nipple and pushed 3 fingers inside her girlfriend’s pussy.

Paige cried out in surprise, her hips arching off the bed.

Carly started pumping her fingers inside Paige’s pussy, loving the fact that her girlfriend was so wet she could just start with 3 fingers.

She wasn’t sure how long she could resist moving down between Paige’s thighs to taste her but she was enjoying the effect her fingers were having on her girlfriend and moved her thumb to Paige’s clit, grinning when that earned her a deep-seated moan of pleasure.

She started pumping her fingers harder and faster and Paige let out a loud grunt. From the way her girlfriend’s pussy was clenching around her fingers, Carly knew she’d found Paige’s A spot and focused on hitting that spot again.

The string of loud moans and grunts and cries and “Oh God” was music to Carly’s ears and Paige’s hips were bucking faster, both her hands now clutching at the duvet as her body was writhing on the bed.

Carly could feel her girlfriend’s pussy clenching madly around her fingers every time she touched her A spot and suddenly Paige was screaming as her orgasm hit. When she realised the spasms in Paige’s pussy were not slowing down, Carly let out a soft moan.

Paige whimpered, her hands still clutching the duvet tightly.“Please don’t stop… please, please, please…”

Carly knew from the way Paige’s pussy was clenching as well as her pleas that her orgasm wasn’t quite over yet. She removed her hand then quickly make her way down between Paige’s thighs, no longer able to resist the urge to taste her girlfriend.

Her tongue instantly found Paige’s clit, licking it back and forth faster and faster until Paige was screaming again, her whole back lifting off the bed, her legs closing around Carly’s head to keep her there (as if she’d be going anywhere else!!).

Finally, Paige stopped screaming. Her legs fell onto the bed and she let out a giggle.

“I can’t move.”

Carly grinned up at her.

“I’m not surprised.”

Carly crawled back up the bed to lie next to her and Paige slowly turned her head to face her.

“I love you,” Carly whispered before wrapping an arm around Paige and kissing her softly.

Paige let out a soft whimper and smiled at Carly when she broke the kiss.

“I love you…”

Carly smiled back.


“Starving. What were you thinking?”

Carly shrugged.

“I don’t know, bub. I could cook us something… or we could order pizza… or go get something.”

Paige snuggled up while she considered their dinner options.

“I’d be happy with toast if that means we can stay naked…”

Carly pretended to consider that idea then kissed Paige on the forehead. “Toast it is then!”


15 thoughts on “Making up for lost time

  1. See? You got your mojo back. 😉 You use some really inventive language here, like “ghosting” and “Carly came apart,” rather than simply stating, “she came.” It’s refreshing and fun. How long is this story in its entirety and what are your plans for it? (If you have any.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • *blushes*
      Well this I wrote about 2 years ago, really… The whole story so far is 22800 words and it’s my longest to date. I have things I know I want to happen that haven’t happened yet but it’s been a loooooooooooooooooong slow process…

      Liked by 1 person

      • 22K technically qualifies as a novella, so you’re on your way! 😉 I envy writers who can pump out tons of books every year, but moving too fast can lead to longer edits, so it’s a trade-off. Definitely keep going, though, at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have the opposite problem: I feel such a strong impulse to finish everything that I’m reluctant to drop a project even if it’s obviously not working. I find it really helps to come up with an ending before I sit down to write. Even if I don’t remain faithful to it, I feel like I’m working towards something. (Which reminds me, I should really be plotting the rest of my novel right now. Better go do that. :P)

        Liked by 1 person

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