Sam meets his fantasy woman. Again.

I can’t wait for you to write more. One day.

Emma Masson-Oakden


I often feel like a failure because I seem unable to concentrate on one story at a time.  I will write like a mad woman and then get inspired and just have to quickly write down the opening scenes of a new story.  Old story gets put on back burner, new story becomes main focus.  Then rinse and repeat.  Over.  And over.

One such story is the story of Nadia and Sam.  Nadia and Sam meet one night at a pub and end up having one exceptionally passion fuelled night.  Fast forward to Monday at work.  Nadia enters the office of the HR manager to give him some contracts, only to be introduced to the new intern.  Of course it is Sam.  Neither can stop thinking about the other, but for various reasons (namely their 10 year age gap) believe anything more is out of the question.

Of course there…

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