Reunited and it feels so good (dammit!)

I would love to find out how Hannah and Josh met…

Emma Masson-Oakden

I think this week should be renamed ‘reading over half written stories and picking up where I left off’ week.

I’ve revisited the story of Eva and Ethan, and the story of Sam and Nadia earlier in the week (I posted excerpts from both); now I am revisiting the story of Hannah and Josh.

These two lovebirds are reunited after almost a year apart and after what they thought would be ‘closure sex’, go on to realise that they can’t eaa64cce4fd63cbee10a2835709e5b95be apart any longer.  It’s not exactly going to be smooth sailing for the couple though.  The reason they broke up in the first place was because Josh unintentionally cheated on her.  I know, how can you ‘unintentionally’ cheat on someone, right?  Just trust me, it can be done.  Because of the cheating Hannah’s family now hate Josh a passion – and news of their reconciliation isn’t taken very well. …

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