Crochet update! Been busy…

I was playing around with white wool one evening and ended up with a sphere and thought, hey, I know what to make of this… That’s how Iris came to. The name was given to her by Miss10 the next day at school when I showed her.


This is Iris.


Iris keeping an eye on me at the library while my wife was at an appointment

I made another landscape beanie for a friend and she mentioned sunflowers were her favourite flower so I set to find a pattern for one. I did but it went very tricky when I got to the petals and I decided to freestyle instead. Alas, I ended up with this decidedly non-sunflower looking thing, that I later recycled into an octopus.


One failed sunflower…


… became Tim the octopus with 13 tentacles! (and a bow tie)

Attempt No2 at a sunflower was a lot more successful! It is now on the beanie, soon to be sent to my friend.


Sunflower mark 2 was much better…

I decided to finally do something with this very soft very chunky wool I bought with my Christmas money from my stepmum. I did chained 30 then did rows of double crochet. When I ran out of wool, my wife suggested I use the other ball I had, so I did just that. Ended up buying another 2 balls after that, and now it’s finished. I don’t have a photo of the finished product yet, (a shawl, for my wife) because I need to sew the bits for the collar but I love it.


Really soft, really chunky wool and size 10 hook…


Four (completely different from each other) balls of yarn later, I have made a shawl for my wife!

My wife made a bunny and I had to try and make one too. The pattern was easy to follow (link at the end of the post) and I love the result. The ears ended up two different sizes because I used a different yarn.


The rest of Flopsy



Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern from The Green Dragonfly


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