Chocolate scones and clever plans

I know, I know, I’m posting bits of this story in a non-chronological order. It’s summer here and it’s very hot and it’s melting my brain. Anyways.

This all started as a one-shot that Bree was writing. Once again I got inspired.

Lia and Clara have been together for 6 years. A bit over a year ago, Clara had a one night stand with Nathan, whom she’d had a massive crush on for years. That was that but then some months down the track, Nathan met with the girls again and he found that he had a decision to make.

Fast forward a year, Lia, Clara, Nathan and their little baby girl are off on a holiday. There just one weekend apart to live through first, and Lia’s plans might just have to change…


Lia ordered a latte and a chocolate scone and settled herself on one of the bar stools to the side of the counter as she waited for her drink order. While nibbling on her scone she took a look around.

The place was packed. She’d never seen so many people at Wellington Airport and she’d been there at different times of the day and different days of the year.

Clara had told her she’d order her own drink once she got back from changing Violet’s nappy as she liked her hot drinks hot, unlike Lia who didn’t care how cold her coffee got. She’d just determined not to have another piece of the decidedly tasteless double chocolate scone when a vaguely familiar male voice interrupted her musings.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full.”

She turned to face the man just as her brain made the voice to name to face connection.

Shane Gibson.

It was Shane Gibson.


“Umm… no, not at all,” she replied, feeling all flustered and only remembering after he’d sat down that Clara was due back any minute. Ooops. He smiled at her and she smiled back, biting back a whimper when she noticed how flicky his hair looked.

She looked back on the counter and had to physically bite her lip this time to stop the whimper when she spotted his long fingers wrapped around his takeaway coffee cup. She felt her insides start to melt and sat up straighter in her bar stool.

“I see you got the same as me,” he said, pointing at the scone in front of her. “I can’t resist a chocolate anything,” he added and she watched him break off a corner of his scone. He was about to drop it in his mouth when her hand shot out to grab his arm.

“Don’t!” she exclaimed and he looked at her, surprised by her unexpected outburst. “I’m sorry,” she continued. “I didn’t meant to startle you like that. It’s just… I can’t resist a chocolate anything either, but this…” she pointed had the half eaten scone on the plate in front of her, “this didn’t taste like anything, not anything nice anyway. Not even a little bit of chocolate,” she added, just to make sure he understood she was only trying to spare his taste buds.

Of course thinking about his taste buds made her think about his tongue which made her think about how much she was suddenly dying to feel said tongue on certain parts of her anatomy, and that was just bad bad bad.

“Oh well, in that case, thank you for stopping me before it was too late!” he said with a big smile and she could feel herself blushing. She picked up her latte and had a sip, trying to look anywhere but at the man seated next to her. From the corner of her eye she saw him do the same.

“Lia Charlotte Montgomery! I left you alone for five minutes and you’ve already managed to find a pretty rugby player to hit on!” Lia nearly choked on her coffee when she heard Clara’s voice, coming from right behind her.

She turned to face her girlfriend, scrambling for an answer, all the while feeling Shane’s eyes drilling into her back. She was about to reply when Clara handed her the smiley four-month-old baby girl she was carrying.

“Here, take this heffalump so I can go order my drink, my arm is about to fall off.” Clara looked over at Shane and smiled. “Hi Shane. Fancy seeing you here!”

She then looked back at Lia who was kissing their daughter’s cheek. “I’ll get Nathan’s coffee too, he just rang me to say that the car is all sorted. Back soon, baby girl.”

She leaned in to drop a kiss on her daughter’s head then on Lia’s lips before walking over to the counter.

Lia risked a look in Shane’s direction and he was sitting there, staring at her and Violet.

“So…” Shane started, smiling at the little girl in Lia’s arms. Lia looked at him.

“Yes?” she asked, unsure of how much he knew about their situation but aware of what he’d just witnessed. If he didn’t know about them, he sure did now.

He smiled at her then reached over to stroke Violet’s hand with his thumb, his attention fully focused on the baby girl currently wrapping her hand around his finger and bringing it to her mouth.

“I’ve met this little princess before,” he said, smiling at Violet who was grinning at him and dribbling all over his hand, “and I’ve heard a lot about you, Lia,” he finished, looking up at her.

“Oh… right…” Lia replied, not sure what to say next.

“Do you want me to hold her while you finish your coffee?” he offered and Lia looked over to see where Clara was. She was waiting in line, four people ahead of her and when their eyes met and Clara gave her knowing smile, biting her lip, Lia returned that smile with a death glare. She turned back to Shane.

“Look,” he started again with a smile, before she could say anything, “I know from listening to Nathan rave about the two of you that you are a perfectly capable mum, I just thought you’d enjoy your coffee a bit more if you didn’t have to bat little hands away from it at the same time. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I have held a baby before, lots of times. I have a niece and three nephews that I see regularly.”

Lia looked at Violet, then at Shane and the urge to see this particular man holding a baby was what swayed her, more than his admittedly compelling argument. She nodded.

“Okay. Thank you.” She smiled at him and handed the baby over. She picked up her cup and drank some coffee before she moaned out loud and made a fool of herself because watching Shane holding and interacting with her daughter was melting her brain in a very very good way.

Her perving was rudely interrupted when a serviette was suddenly dangled in front of her face and she recognised Nathan’s voice as he greeted Shane.

“Hey Shane, I see you found the girls. Here, Lia, to wipe the drool. You’re worse than my daughter and she’s teething. What’s your excuse?” he asked with a smirk.

Lia turned to Nathan, snatching the serviette off his hand and putting it on the counter. “Fuck up, Harper! You know I can’t resist a hot man holding a baby!” she replied before blushing, embarrassed, when she realised what she’d just admitted to. “Umm… I mean… I wonder where Clara is…” she stammered and turned away from her girlfriend’s smirky baby daddy to look for the woman she loved.

She spotted Clara walking towards them, carrying two takeaway cups and breathed a sigh of relief. A minute later Clara joined them, handing Nathan his coffee and looking over at Shane who was still holding Violet.
“That’s a nice look on you, uncle Shane,” Clara said with an innocent looking smile, taking a sip of her drink and Lia shot daggers at her because she knew Clara was perfectly aware of the effect seeing Shane holding a baby – especially their baby – was having on her.

Both Clara and Nathan seemed to be enjoying watching her getting all flustered a bit too much for her liking. She hopped off her bar stool and stepped in closer to Shane, absent-mindedly noticing that he smelled really good.

“Come here, gorgeous girl,” she cooed, smiling at Violet who looked up at her with a smile of her own and held her arms out to her. Lia’s hands brushed against Shane’s arms when she picked her daughter off his lap and she turned away biting her lip.

They’re barely touched and she was ready to jump him. She really needed to get her hormones under control and it was proving rather difficult to do so. Damn that man and his flicky hair!


“What are you guys doing here?” Shane asked, his eyes still on Lia and Violet. He was glad they’d finally had a chance to meet, after hearing so much about her from Nathan and Clara.

He’d heard all about how Nathan had met Clara as well as the circumstances of their reunion. And he’d met Clara a few times after the baby was born, usually at team functions where families were invited, and another couple of times at Nathan’s house. But he hadn’t had a chance to meet Lia yet.

He’d been quite interested to meet the woman who’d let her long-term girlfriend spend a night with the man said girlfriend had a crush on. He’d often wondered if Lia had a similar crush but after hearing her interaction with Nathan just beforehand, it seemed she had and he was the lucky recipient.

“It’s my grandmother’s birthday, so I’m taking the princess and my baby mama to that. Lia flew up with us because the four of us going to Fiji on Monday for a week. I think her plan for the weekend is to lock herself in her hotel room to finish her book,” Nathan answered Shane’s question and Shane looked at Nathan, then Lia.

“They’re leaving you all by yourself all weekend? That hardly seems fair!” he directed at Lia and he was sure she blushed a little.

“Yeah, well, grandmothers don’t like their precious grandsons having a baby out of wedlock with a lesbian, so, as the evil lesbian girlfriend, I’m on the not-invited list! But that’s OK, I have a deadline and then, like Mr Baby Daddy said, we’re going to Fiji,” Lia explained with a smirk.

Shane chuckled, looking at Nathan. “Mr Baby Daddy, eh?”

“Fuck up,” Nathan threw at him good-naturedly.

“And what are you doing in Wellington, Uncle Shane?” Clara asked without looking at him, her attention wholly on the baby in her girlfriend’s arms, which made Shane instantly a little suspicious.

“Oh I’m going to my second cousin’s wedding in Napier,” Shane replied, before adding, “I have a plane in-” He looked down at his watch. “-two hours… I tried to get out of it but my mother made a compelling argument.”

It was Nathan’s turn to chuckle. “The old guilt trip, eh?”

“You know it!” Shane replied, laughing with him. “Something about how I never spend time with family and I owe it to her in her old age, since I’m unlikely to EVER give her grandbabies. Or something like that.”

His eyes landed on Lia who was, it seemed, looking everywhere BUT at him and suddenly he wondered what Lia would look like holding his baby. Their baby. He dismissed the thought, as it was extremely random and besides, the woman was already in a relationship with someone, and already had a baby.

He saw Clara look at Lia in a way that told him she was up to no good, even if he didn’t know her that well and then she addressed Lia, all the while looking straight at him, as if it was a dare.

“Lee, baby, I feel so bad thinking of you stuck in a hotel in windy Wellington all weekend and I just had this crazy idea…” she started, taking the baby out of Lia’s arms and holding the little girl close, kissing her on the nose repeatedly before she continued. “You could fly with Shane to sunny Napier instead and enjoy the sunshine there. The view would be sooooooo much better!”

When Lia turned to stared at her in disbelief, she held a hand up and quickly added, “I know, you’re going to spend all weekend finishing your book and won’t even look out the window but surely some company would be welcome at some point of the weekend and if you should decide to go out for drinks or something, maybe Shane’s mum will lay off his back for a while.”

Shane looked at Lia who stared back at him with a definite rabbit-in-headlights look. The poor woman was blushing like mad and had nearly choked on her coffee while Clara was explaining her idea. Lia put her coffee cup on the counter and turned to look at Clara, glaring at her.

“Have you gone completely INSANE?” She turned to Shane, offering him a truly apologetic look, her hand landing on his arm, which he quite liked. “No offence, Shane, I’m sure you’re a lovely man, actually I know you are, even though we just met, because… you know… reasons… but my girlfriend really shouldn’t try to force her schemes on people like that, it’s just rude and unnecessary. I will be perfectly fine on my own for two days, I have a book to finish, and I’m sure you have no reason, or interest, for that matter, in dragging boring old me to your cousin’s wedding! I apologise for my girlfriend.”

Shane had no idea why Lia thought she would be boring or why he wouldn’t want to spend 2 days with her, even if they’d just met. He’d heard a lot about her and the short time they’d spent together at the airport just now was enough for him to know that he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better, even if it was just as a friend. He smiled at the woman whose hand was still resting on his arm.

“You don’t have to apologise. I’m sure Clara means well,” he assured Lia with a smile before adding, “And she might have a point, you know. I know we only just met but 2 days alone in a hotel can seem like an eternity without anyone to talk to. You could totally come with me if you wanted. I mean, you could write as much as you want, you could even join me for the reception dinner if you wanted. I hate the thought of you eating by yourself in a hotel room; having done it myself, I know it’s one of the loneliest experiences ever…”

Lia smiled at him and he smiled back at her, hoping he’d said enough to sway her. He’d meant every word of what he’d told her.

Lia reluctantly removed her hand from Shane’s arm and looked at Nathan.

“Could you take the princess for a minute, I need to talk to my girlfriend in private,” she said to her girlfriend’s baby daddy.

“Sure,” he replied, wasting no time in taking the baby girl out of Clara’s arms then lifting her to his face and smothering her in kisses. The little girl started laughing happily and the sight made Lia smile, as it always did.

She reflected once again on how glad she was that Nathan was so involved in his daughter’s life, even if that hadn’t originally been the plan. Of course thinking about that made her think about how the plan hadn’t involved her girlfriend falling in love with her baby daddy either.

Clara still seemed to be in denial about that and Lia knew better than to push her. And talking about pushing, she had a bone to pick with the love of her life. She faced the woman in question with a forced grin.

“Baby. A word in private, please?” she directed at her girlfriend who was currently doing her level best to ignore her. Finally the women looked away from their baby and looked at her.

“But of course, my love!” Clara said, with a smile Lia found totally over the top. Once again Lia hopped off the bar stool she’d been sitting on and, grabbing one of Clara’s hands, dragged her naughty girlfriend a few metres away from the men and the baby.

“What the fuck, baby?” she threw (quietly) at Clara as soon as they’d stopped walking, doing her best to NOT look back in Shane’s direction.

“What?” Clara asked innocently before adding, “I do feel bad about you being all by yourself for two days and I was merely…” Clara sighed. “I don’t know… I’m sorry. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I know how much you like Shane and I just thought it could be your chance to do something about that. Just like you gave me my chance with Nathan last year.” She finished talking and squeezed Lia’s hand in hers. “I’m sorry, bub.”

Lia sighed. “No, it’s ok. You’re right. He’s so….” She groaned, trying to find the words to describe how Shane made her feel and gave Clara a look when she heard her snigger.

“What?” Clara defended before adding pointedly, “You forget I know EXACTLY how the man with the flicky hair makes you feel!”

“And you forget I know EXACTLY how the man with the fluffy hair makes you feel,” Lia countered, amused at her girlfriend’s suddenly shocked expression. Or maybe it was deep-seeded denial.

“I have NO idea what you’re talking about,” Clara told her quietly, looking away.

It was Lia’s turn to squeeze Clara’s hand in hers and she did it until Clara was looking at her again. Lia could tell she was trying to hide the fact that she was near tears.

“Baby. It’s ok,” she told Clara, closing the distance between them so she could wrap her arms around her girlfriend and hug her. She felt Clara shake her head ‘no’ against her shoulder.

“Yes,” Lia continued, “it’s ok. I have known for a while and I was waiting for you to talk to me about it. But then I realised how much in denial you were.”

She glanced in the direction of the café and noticed Nathan was looking in their direction with a concerned look on his face. She wondered if he could tell from all that way away that Clara was crying.

She saw Shane touch Nathan on the arm to get his attention back and wondered how many times Shane had had to call out his name before he’d resorted to the more direct approach.

Clara straightened up, casually wiping her eyes before giving Lia a smile.

“I’m sorry. I love you. So much. I didn’t mean to fall for him, you have to know that. I didn’t tell you because I thought that if I ignored these… feelings… they would go away,” she explained with a sigh and Lia felt her heart break for her girlfriend.

“Aww baby… I love you too and I know you didn’t mean to fall in love with your baby daddy but come on, it was inevitable.” Clara gave her an incredulous look and Lia felt she needed to explain further. “You had a crush on him for how long before I made you spend the night with him?Then you were growing his baby in your belly AND when he found out he decided he wanted to be involved. See? Inevitable. And you know what? I can tell he fells the same way about you.”

“Riiiight,” Clara said, shaking her head again. “Now you’re just imagining things. Just because he wants to be involved as a parent doesn’t mean he wants more than the casual thing we have going at the moment, and to be honest, I’m still wondering why you said you were OK with that OR how you can be OK with it,” she added.

Lia grinned. “Because sometimes you need pounding that even I can’t provide?”

Both girls giggled and Lia elaborated, “Because I could tell you wanted more even if you weren’t going to ask and because I love you and I hoped that you’d let ME have a night with Shane if it ever came up.”

“Well looks like you’re getting your chance and I really hope it comes up,” Clara said with a smirk and Lia laughed.

“You dick! I’m not going to tell you you need to talk to Nathan because I know you know you need to. All I’ll say is that I love you and I can’t wait to be in Fiji with you and our baby and that man you love, because, let’s face it, he’s rather awesome.”

Clara grinned and Lia saw the love shine in her eyes when she looked over at the father of her child. “He is, isn’t he?”

Lia rolled her eyes. “Come on, if I’m going to Napier, I’ll need a plane ticket, which your boyfriend is totally buying for me!” She picked up Clara’s hand and they walked back towards the café.


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