Hannah & Josh celebrate Christmas…

I love Hannah and Josh, so glad they’ve managed to work things out and get back together!

Emma Masson-Oakden

Merry-christmas-images-4Helllllllew lovely people!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Yeap, it is officially Christmas Day in my neck of the world and we are just about to head off for a day of wet fun… NO, not that type of wet fun.  We are going to the lake!

(the other wet fun will come later…)

Before I leave I wanted to post this short little story I wrote this morning.  As you will see it has a very Christmasy theme… and they DO have that type of wet fun (lucky bastards!).

Have a fabulous Christmas, everyone!

Bree xxx


“Darling, can you come with me for a minute?” Grace asked Josh who reluctantly released Hannah from his arms so he could stand up.

“Need a man to do something, do ya?” Josh joked and Grace rolled her eyes at him.

“Because women can’t do anything for themselves, son?” Grace asked in a tone that…

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