Virginity – and why I am nervous for our kids

Emma Masson-Oakden

I am nervous for our children… and that doesn’t just come from being a mum with an anxiety disorder.

The teenage years are horrible.  I remember them well and I know everyone reading this will remember them well.  The hormones, the pressure, the angst, the need for independence and not feeling as if you are getting enough, the decisions that you need to make about life (seriously, WHY are we expecting 17 year olds to know what they want to do with the rest of their life?!), and then there is everything sex related, but particularly the losing of one’s virginity.

I remember being a teenager and the huge deal that was made about losing the ‘big V’.  Parents and teachers were slamming home the point that you should wait until you are properly ready and that you lose it under the right circumstances.  Friends and peers brag about losing…

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3 thoughts on “Virginity – and why I am nervous for our kids

  1. I agree and also believe that we need to teach our children to be robust enough to cope with the outcomes of their decisions. That is what scares me. Most of us make bad decisions in relationships, be it sex or trust or whatever, but what is important is our ability to get back up, dust ourselves off and get on with life. Some people, however cannot do this. I am trying hard to teach my daughter to be robust. Thanks for the article ☺

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