Chocolate cake or shower sex?

Last time we saw Paige and Carly, they’d just had reunion sex after Paige came home from a four-week overseas trip.

They were starving after all the sex but decided to stay in. Of course Paige gets some ideas…

Paige snuggled up and considered their dinner options. “I’d be happy with toast if that means we can stay naked…”

Carly pretended to consider that idea then kissed Paige on the forehead. “Toast it is then! Or maybe grilled cheese sandwiches?”

“Ok,” Paige replied before yawning and reaching up to kiss Carly’s neck. She couldn’t resist nibbling on the crook of Carly’s neck while she was there, knowing full well the effect it had on her girlfriend.

Carly moaned softly and bit her lip. “Come on,” Carly urged Paige, “or we’ll never eat.”

Paige giggled and sat up, reaching on the chair by the bed for her robe. She followed Carly in to the kitchen and got the bread and cheese from the fridge while Carly got the frying pan from the cupboard and the butter from the pantry.

While Carly was buttering the bread and slicing the cheese, Paige made them both hot drinks. Carly put the bread and cheese in the hot pan and turned around to get her coffee from Paige.

She shook her head when she saw that Paige had also put the big glass bowl and the small mixing bowl on the bench, as well as the flour, white sugar and brown sugar, cocoa powder and eggs.

She smirked at Paige who was looking at her from over the rim of her cup of tea.

“Hint much?” joked Carly.

“What? You know how long it’s been since I’ve have Mrs Thornby’s best ever pudding?” Paige replied innocently.

Carly shook her head again before turning back to check on their dinner. “Go on then, get the book out, in case my memory fails me…”

Paige grinned at her girlfriend. “You’re the best!!”

She put her mug on the bench before walking to the cupboard where they kept their cook books to get Mrs Thornby’s Classic Recipes cookbook out. It opened to the page she was after straight away.

After she’d set it on the bench by the glass bowls she walked over to Carly, hooking her chin over her girlfriend’s shoulder. Her arms found their way around Carly’s waist and she kissed the side of her neck.

“I love you,” she whispered against Carly’s neck.

“I love you too, bub,” Carly replied as she flipped the grilled cheese sandwiches in the pan.

“I was thinking…” Paige started, nibbling a path on Carly’s neck up to her ear.

“Yes?” Carly asked in a whisper, her girlfriend’s lips on her neck doing things to her, making it hard to concentrate on the cooking.

“The oven has that self timer thing, so really, we could go have a shower while pudding is cooking…” Paige sucked on the skin right under Carly’s earlobe and grinned when she heard Carly whimper.

“Uh huh…” was all Carly could reply, her brain turning to mush. She turned the stove off and turned around in Paige’s arms to look up at her.

Paige was grinning at her and Carly felt her hands sneaking under her tank top. When Paige raked her nails around her waist Carly whimpered and her eyes dropped to Paige’s cleavage, her mouth watering at the amount of flesh on display.

She pulled Paige down for a kiss and they both moaned when their lips pressed together, and again when Paige’s tongue dipped out to meet Carly’s.

Paige couldn’t help the way kissing her girlfriend made her body press against hers, nor could she help the way her hips bucked every time Carly’s tongue grazed against hers.

The kitchen was silent but for the girls’ moans and whimpers as the kiss grew more passionate when Paige’s tummy suddenly growled, causing both of them to giggle and break the kiss.

“Food now, then…” Carly rubbed her finger over one of Paige’s nipple, causing her to moan loudly. Carly smirked and after one more kiss left Paige’s arms to dish up their sandwiches onto the plates Paige had set on the bench.

They sat at the breakfast bar, at an angle from each other, not feeling the need to fill the silence, just enjoying each other’s presence after so long spent apart.

As Carly started on making their pudding, Paige made them another hot drink before doing the few dishes.

When she was done, she could see that Carly was nearly done as well, so after a kiss on her girlfriend’s neck, she made her way to the bathroom and turned the shower on. She took her robe off and put it on the hook on the back of the door.

Carly walked in the bathroom while Paige was busy tying her hair up. She quickly shed her tank top and pyjama pants then walked up to Paige, sliding her arms around her waist and up to her breasts.

Her fingers started rubbing Paige’s nipple and Paige moaned, leaning back on Carly who started nibbling on her exposed neck.

Carly smiled against Paige’s neck when she felt her shiver then started rolling Paige’s nipples between her fingers, causing her girlfriend to buck her hips and moan louder.

The room was filling up with steam and Carly’s hands dropped from Paige’s nipples down to her hips as she pushed her into the shower stall.
The girls let out dual moans of pleasure when the hot water cascaded over them and they reached for each other.

Paige grinned at the love of her life before pushing her against the shower wall, pinning one of Carly’s arms to the wall by the wrist, her other hand tangling in Carly’s hair.

She tightened her grip into Carly’s hair, eliciting a whimper from her, then pulled her in for a kiss. Her hand left Carly’s wrist to rub lightly over her nipple.

Carly’s head dropped to one side and she sighed when Paige took the hint and nipped a path from her lips along her jaw to her ear, then down her neck. She cried out when Paige bit down on the crook of her neck, while pinching her nipple at the same time.

Paige bit down on Carly’s neck again, licking the spot she’d bitten while her hand travelled down between Carly’s legs, finding the wetness she knew would be awaiting her questing fingers.

She ran her fingers up and down Carly’s slit a few times before slipping two fingers in her hole, moaning along with Carly and feeling her own clit start to throb when she felt Carly’s pussy clench around her fingers.

Paige’s thumb found her clit and started rubbing it slowly back and forth, while her fingers were just inside Carly’s hole, one of them running over and over her girlfriend’s u spot in that way she knew Carly liked.

She smiled against Carly’s neck when she felt Carly dig her nails in her shoulders, knowing it meant she was losing control. She bit down on Carly’s neck once more, before sucking on the skin as her thumb rubbed Carly’s clit faster and faster.

Carly fell apart with a scream when Paige bit down on the crook of her neck again, her body going rigid against that of her girlfriend, her legs squeezing together in an attempt to stop the movement of Paige’s fingers on her clit, her fingers digging into Paige’s shoulders to anchor herself.

She was glad Paige had pushed her against the wall, because she was feeling so boneless she would have fallen down if not for the support it provided her now. She tried to get her breath under control, looking at her girlfriend with a weak grin.

“I love you…”

Paige kissed her softly before replying with a grin. “I love you too.”

Carly moved one hand from Paige’s shoulder to the back of her neck to keep her where she was and brought her close for another kiss, loving how Paige moaned when the tip of her tongue touched hers.

She always loved that knee-jerk reaction, always accompanied by a bucking of hips that she knew Paige could not control.

She did it again, just because she could, and because she loved teasing Paige just as much as Paige loved teasing her.


6 thoughts on “Chocolate cake or shower sex?

  1. Ah, sex and dessert. Two of my favorite things! (Plus, grilled cheese. Yum!) This is a really intimate piece. It’s obvious that these two adore one another. Reading it, I feel like a fly on the wall spying on a happy couple as they reconnect after some time apart, which the voyeur in me loves. Thanks for sharing this steamy (heh) excerpt! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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