Oh ScreenTime app, l love you!

We got our kids tablets for Christmas (my stepmum sent Christmas/birthday money for the coming year), the same ones that were on the news for the alleged easily accessible porn downloads (I had a look before we gave them to the kids and no, it wasn’t that easy, I mean, what kid, when going on an app download app, will scroll down 5 pages to find the ‘Adult’ section when the ‘Games’ one is right at the top?).

First thing we did was to download the Screen Time app that gives us control of what apps the kids have access to and how long they spend on their tablets, by that I mean, they get a daily limit and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s the summer holidays at the moment so they have 5 hours every day (it will go down during school time). For the past week, Aidan has spent about 4 hours watching Minecraft videos (curse you Stampy!) and run out of tablet time around lunchtime.

About three days ago I told them that when the bedtime block kicks in at 8pm the only app still available to them is the e-reader. Gabrielle has made use of it and last night, this happened… aidanMy little man (he’s 7) decided to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I’d just read him 3 chapters of the hard copy of the book). He read them again but I don’t care, he’s reading!


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