Creative meetings are awesome (and dangerous)

Earlier this week Bree and I had a creative meeting which, as usual, led to sex and I made up a story for her, which she enjoyed very much.

The problem is, that story stayed in my head, demanding to be written. So I picked up the notebook I’d got to do that massive re-write of that story I have lost (the one on my MacBook that I can’t use…), flicked it over and started writing.

I still need to type it out to see how many words it is so far (it’s nowhere near finished!) but in the meantime, this morning I got hit by a bus.

A plot bus.

You know the kind, you thought your story was going one way and BAM you get another idea that changes it, hopefully for the better, and you can try to resist, but it’s like the moonlight, you can’t fight it (for those of you now singing a long, you are welcome).

I’m still resisting the bus but I know I’ll have to give in soon, because it’s THERE, in my head, all the time!

Happy writing!


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