Hard, fast, & rough – just the way they like it

Don’t you just love it when your brain won’t let you sleep until you write it? I didn’t realise Bree had got out of bed to write until this morning but I’m glad.
So glad my innocent comments (I’m the Muse, it’s my job) paid off!!

Emma Masson-Oakden


You know that feeling when you’re just about asleep and you get a brilliant idea.  The idea is so brilliant you are suddenly wide awake and your brain is all ‘OMG THIS IS BRILLIANT!  YOU ARE FANTASTIC!  YOU MUST THINK ABOUT THIS FOR HOURS!  WHO NEEDS SLEEP? SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!‘… and you just have to do something about it; that or not sleep at all.

That was me last night, well, this morning.  1.54am I got out of bed, sighing and frowning, thinking about the stupid words that were forming in my head, the story that was writing itself and just begging to be given my full and undivided attention.  To begin with I thought I’d get up briefly, write a couple of sentences in my notebook and go back to bed.  But no.  My brain had other ideas.

I sat down in front of the computer…

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