The problem with real people…

See, the problem when you base your characters on real (more or less) well-known people because you have a crush on them and your brain keeps coming up with fantasies, is that when it comes to posting your story or parts thereof, you will need to change their names and definitely their occupation.

Of course then you run the risk of changing the tone of your story a bit. And that sucks. I like rugby players. Not all of them, but a few. I like them a lot.

So I tend to write stories based on some of them. Of course I change the names so it’s not so obvious to the general public who exactly the characters are based on — besides, I read a blog post just yesterday about how it’s better to let your readers fill in some of the blanks about a character so the story will grab them on a more personal level and I happen to agree.

A bit over 2 years ago Bree started writing a story we jokingly refer to as Vampire Rugby about rugby players who get cursed by a witch and turned into life energy absorbing vampires. It started as a joke, but 235K words later, she started writing Part 2 and it wasn’t a joke anymore, but a proper story. (the vampire rugby link will take you to a post by Bree on the subject, with a deliciously smutty excerpt).Here’s the link for all the bits she posted of that story.

Two nights ago Bree got up at 2am to write something that demanded to be written. It reminded me that last year, while she was writing Part 2, I got an idea in my head, a scene that wouldn’t let me sleep until I wrote it. It was 1am so I gave up and walked into the lounge with my notebook and wrote the scene then went back to bed.

I opened that document again yesterday and changed all the names but when Bree asked if I was going to leave the bits about rugby as they were I wasn’t sure what to answer. I do want to leave them, because we (yes, I say ‘we’ because while Bree is the one doing the writing, I am very much involved in the plotting of the idea process so I claim part ownership. Sue me) wrote this about rugby players.

But at the same time it makes it very obvious who we wrote the story about and I’m not 100% comfortable with that.

I feel rather stuck.



6 thoughts on “The problem with real people…

  1. Are you *sure* it’s obvious to everyone else? Sometimes I have to remind myself that while I might know who I’m talking about, other people can’t read my mind (thank god) and may be completely oblivious to all the little quirks I happen to know about the person. Could you maybe add some details that aren’t true to the character he’s based off of? For example, you could do easy stuff like changing his hair color slightly, or you could give him hobbies or personality traits that (as far as you know) the real life person doesn’t possess. What’s most important is that your characters feel like real people, regardless of where that comes from.

    I’m embarrassingly far behind on my blog reading, but I really enjoyed this post! Hope you’re doing well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I’m not sure that particular story will ever see the light of day because it’d need a major rewrite but I love it and I know Bree does too.
      They were life energy absorbing vampire that caused headaches to the women affected (every female, really, except for Lizzie and Victoria). Damn that curse!


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