An unwanted guest

This is the little bit of story that wouldn’t let me sleep (sometime last year) until I wrote it. It was 1am but I grabbed my notebook and sat in the windowsill in the lounge, writing to the light of the streetlight outside.

It’s part of Bree’s Vampire Rugby Part 2 story. I keep getting inspired to write about her characters for some reason. Must be all those creative meetings…

“Are we not waiting for Alex and what’s-her-name?” Cynthia asked as her parents sat down and started helping themselves to the roasted veges and roast pork on the table.

“Her name is Lizzie,” Helen replied sternly. “You really need to let go of that little hang up of yours, Cynthia. Your brother is really happy, for the first time in a long time, and you should be happy for him.”

Cynthia scoffed.

“I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon enough, and he’ll see her for what she is, a two timing gold digging tramp!”

“Cynthia Margaret!!”

Cynthia didn’t look up at her mum and kept her eyes firmly on her plate.

“What? You don’t wonder about her? He’s known her two minutes and she’s all he talks about. And she already had a GIRLFRIEND! That should tell you all you need to know!”

She got started on her mashed potatoes, making a point to ignore her parents shaking their heads, then her father spoke up.

“We happen to like Lizzie, and Victoria. I’m sure Lizzie is everything your brother says she is. He is a very discerning man and he wouldn’t have agreed to them to buy a house together if he didn’t think she was The One.”

Cynthia nearly dropped her fork in surprise.

“They bought a HOUSE? Are you seriously telling me that Alex sold his gorgeous house in Ridge Hill to buy a house with a woman he’s been with for all of two months? Has he lost his fucking mind?”

Helen took a deep breath and decided to not call her daughter up on the cursing.

“No, your brother, his girlfriend, her girlfriend and that nice boy Jake from your brother’s team bought a house together. A beautiful big house where they are going to be very happy.”

“Oh my God! Does he not realise the scandal it’s going to cause when it gets out that he’s in THAT kind of relationship? The damage to his career?”

John interrupted, “I fail to see how who your brother chooses to live with has any bearing on his ability to do his job!”

Cynthia couldn’t believe her ears. “How can you say that? Considering his god like status in this stupid country of ours, of course it matters!”

Helen sighed. “Cynthia, your brother is a very private person, he always has been and I will not believe that it will change just because he fell in love and bought a house.”

“Oh I know that, believe me. It’s HER I don’t trust. She must have cast a spell on him or something… You guys heard about that curse on the team a couple of months ago? Just around the time he met her, actually, if memory serves… I heard the stadium emptied of all women at half time at one of their games. She must be a witch or something!”

Cynthia was pretty happy with her theory, the dates made perfect sense, now that she thought about it. She helped herself to more dessert, since her parents didn’t seem very hungry and there was plenty left.

“Oh dear… Are you listening to yourself?” Helen asked, as she watched Cynthia demolish a second slice of pie. “With outlandish offensive theories like that, it’s not wonder your brother doesn’t want you around at their new house!”

“He WHAT?” This time Cynthia dropped her spoon and it clattered on the plate in the silence of the dining room. “I just TOLD you she’s a witch or something. Me and Alex have always been very close, there is NO way he wouldn’t want me around. Sure, I ripped into him when I found out about him and that woman and the others but I’m his sister, for goodness’ sake!”

Helen put her napkin on the table. She’d heard enough.

“This is between you and Alex, Cynthia. Your father and I refuse to be dragged into this.”

Cynthia pushed her chair back. “Fine! Be like that! I don’t care!” She stood up, shaking her head, and walked out of the dining room.

Walking through the kitchen on her way out of the house, she found Alex’s new address on the fridge, so grabbing her bag off the kitchen table, she left her parents’ house, deciding to pay her brother a visit.

Alex was sitting on the couch in the family room, going over his notes for the coming week’s training when he heard the door bell. He sighed and put his binder down on the cushion next to him.

The girls were upstairs having girl time and Jake had gone over to see Josh for their Sunday afternoon PS3 marathon. He wondered who could be showing up like that. They weren’t expecting any visitors that he knew of and any of their parents would have rung first.

The only other people who had their new address were a few trusted team mates.

He opened the front door to find his sister. Great. Just what he needed. NOT.

“Cynthia… To what do I owe the surprise?”

Their relationship had been strained to say the least since his sister had found out (from Angelica, no less) about him and Lizzie and Victoria and Jake.

“Hello to you too, Alexander,” Cynthia answered, the sarcasm in her tone impossible to miss. “I was just at mum and dad’s for lunch and I was surprised when you didn’t show.”

Alex sighed, still standing in the open doorway. “We just moved in, Cynthia, so we had lunch here, not that it’s any of your business.” He wonderered what the fuck she could want this time.

He asked her in because he had no choice, he could tell she would just stand there until he let her in, and led the way into the kitchen going as far as offering her a drink, which she declined. He got himself a beer from the fridge and turned around.

She was sitting down at the table like she owned the place and he knew her enough to know he wouldn’t have to wait long to find out why she was there.

“Mum let slip that you sold your house in Ridge Hill and bought this one instead, with your girlfriend and her entourage.”

Alex sighed. He was already getting a headache.

“Her name is Lizzie, as you know, and she does not have an entourage, again, as you know.”

She dismissed his correction with a bored gesture of the hand. “Whatever. I hope you realise the scandal it’s going to cause when this gets out!”

Her words put Alex immediately on the defensive, though he did his best to not let it show. “When what gets out, exactly? That I have a girlfriend and that we bought a house together?”

“No, you moron!” Cynthia retorted, exasperated. “That your girlfriend of two months has a girlfriend of her own, who has her own boyfriend, and that you are all living together under some sort of disgusting arrangement! It will destroy your career! Can’t you see that?”

Alex lifted an eyebrow and took a long sip of his beer in an effort to prevent himself from puching his sister in the face. He shrugged.

“I fail to see how it is anyone’s business but ours what happens in our house. It’s certainly not yours and if this all you have to say, you can leave before Lizzie comes back down.”

“Oooh… The gold digger is hiding upstairs, is she?”

Alex was surprised to see Lizzie appear in the doorway, looking sexy as hell in her short black satin robe. He felt a surge of desire for his girlfriend and wished his sister would fuck off already so he could see to his sudden craving. Cynthia was shit-stirring and her judgemental bullshit was really starting to piss him off.

He noticed the smirk on Lizzie’s face as she put a finger on her lips, her eyes locked on his, and he knew she’d heard Cynthia’s remark. He grinned as she padded silently into the room. He leaned back against the bench, waiting to see what Lizzie would do.

She stopped behind the chair his sister was sitting in.

“I’m ever so sorry, Cynthia. Next time you show up unannounced and uninvited at my house, I promise not to be in the middle of eating my girlfriend.”

Alex stifled a laugh at the way his sister jumped when she heard Lizzie’s voice right next to her. He felt the need to interject.

“Baby, she didn’t know that Sunday afternoon is girl time… I mean, it’s not like she’s on our Christmas card list…”

Lizzie giggled then walked to the fridge. She turned back around with a can of Coke, taking a long sip then walking over to Alex, the fridge closing behind her.

She stopped in front of him before addressing his sister, who was still trying to find her words.

“I hope you were reeeeeally rude and reeeeeally obnoxious and made my sexy man here reaaaaaaaaaaally angry, cos I could really go for some angry sex right now…”

Alex couldn’t stop his chuckle when his sister turned bright red and seemed to choke on whatever she was trying to answer back.

He put his beer down on the bench behind him and grabbing Lizzie by the waist, he pulled her close, her back to his front. He loved the little whimper that escaped her lips when she felt the full effect her words had had on him.

He rested his chin on her shoulder, tightening his hold around her body, and whispered loudly, “You know the feisty sex monster is never far from the surface…” before nipping at her neck, causing her to whimper again, not as quietly this time.

He groaned when she pressed her butt harder against his front and saw his sister shoot off her chair. He offered his sister a grin.

“I trust you can find the door, Cynthia. I need to take this woman upstairs and have my wicked way with her.” Cynthia was looking positively outraged, and Alex couldn’t help pushing her a little bit more. “I wonder if Victoria is sufficiently recovered to give me a hand…”

Lizzie gasped and Cynthia’s mouth dropped. He briefly wondered if he’d gone too far but decided that he didn’t really care. His sister had been a bitch to Lizzie (and Victoria) since she’d found out about them and he wanted her out of the house.

And if she didn’t clear out in time, well…

He could hardly be held responsible of his actions when the feisty sex monster took over…


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