Happy happy happy!

My babies are coming home today!

They left with their dad on the evening of Friday 2nd January. We had them the first 2 weeks of the summer holiday, it was his turn to have them, for 3 weeks, then we have them next week then we resume the regular school time schedule.

You know what?


Especially when you never get any replies to the sporadic texts you send to your ex’s phone about things you’ve been doing. Eloise did message me on Viber briefly a week in but that was about it. On the Thursday after they’d left, I thought, ‘Man, they’ve been gone for aaaaaages!’ then realised that no, it’d only been 6 days.

On Tuesday I was driving to the supermarket, a song Aidan sings all the time started playing on the radio and I burst into tears… *sigh*

So yeah, time for my babies to come home!


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