Naughty Pool Shenanigans

This is another story that borrows characters from Bree Guildford.

She started writing about Alyssa and Cameron who decide to elope to Rarotonga to get married after their respective mothers drive them crazy trying to take over wedding plans. On the trip they are joined by their three best friends, who happen to be in a polyamorous relationship (there’s a story there, and it might get written) and the following is what they get up to at the island resort they’re staying at.

Calleigh barely registered the splash of someone diving into the pool behind them because Dylan was holding her against him with one arm around her waist, his other hand in her bikini bottoms, two of his fingers slowly running up and down her slit as the water sloshed around their shoulders.

Her arms were wrapped loosely over his shoulders to try and keep up the pretence that nothing naughty was going on but it was taking all her energy to NOT moan out loud every time his fingers slid over her clit. Her fingers dug into his skin as a warning that went unheeded.

The area around the pool was mostly deserted but there were still a couple of people enjoying the late afternoon sun on loungers over the other side of where they were.

She and Dylan had been in the water for about an hour, chasing each other all over the pool for a while before just floating lazily around and making out. Soon enough things had escalated, as was the norm between them.

Her hand had oh-so-innocently brushed against his crotch, his fingers had grazed over her nipple and now they were in the shallow end of the pool, his hand between her legs.

She was getting hornier by the minute as his hand kept moving up and down against her slick flesh and she knew he was getting affected too.

She could feel him grow hard against her belly and was seriously considering pulling him out of his board shorts and impaling herself on his cock right where they were when she felt two hands grab her hips as a strong body pressed against her back.

“You guys started without me. Not fair…” Cole growled against her ear before nipping at her neck and Calleigh felt desire shoot through her when she felt his teeth against her skin.

Dylan dropped his arm from her waist as Calleigh leaned back against Cole, turning her face to him and reaching up for a kiss. She moaned softly when their lips met.

His tongue slipped into her mouth at the same time Dylan slid a finger inside her and she let out a whimper, her hand gripping Dylan’s arm for support. The kiss was lazy and slow, matching Dylan’s finger slowly moving in and out of her.

Her hips bucked against him when he added another finger, her pussy clenching around the welcome intrusion. She felt a hand on the back of her thigh, lifting it up so she broke the kiss with Cole and looked at Dylan who gave her that little sexy smirk of his.

After a second she moved both her legs around Dylan’s waist, locking her ankles at the small of his back, Cole pressing closer behind her. She moaned softly when she felt Cole’s hardening cock against her butt and felt her pussy clench around Dylan’s fingers.

She suddenly wanted nothing more than to be back in the privacy of their hotel room, where they could be nakedly exploring each other. She needed to feel both of them inside her and the hotel pool was hardly the place for that.

Her body didn’t seem to care that they were in a semi-public space. Her hips moved of their own accord as she started riding Dylan’s hand, while trying to keep her upper body still against the warm wall of Cole’s chest so the water wouldn’t splash too much and attract the attention of the last stragglers.

She whimpered when Cole hooked his chin over her shoulder and moved his hands from her hips to her chest, his fingers finding their way under the fabric of her bikini top to her nipples.

He started rolling and squeezing both her nipples between his fingers, gently at first then harder and she hooked one arm around his neck to anchor herself to him, or him to her, she was past caring which.

She was finding it increasingly harder to think under the dual assault of Dylan’s fingers in her pussy and Cole’s on her nipples.

The two men knew her body very well and were playing it like a fine instrument, knowing just when to squeeze harder or rub softer, making her crazy with need.

She was so lost in the horny fog, her hips undulating under the water, that she nearly missed the look that passed between her two lovers but she felt Cole’s nod over her shoulder.

She felt Dylan move his fingers out of her pussy and she let out a frustrated sigh that quickly turned into a surprised gasp when she felt the head of his cock pressing against her hole.

She locked eyes with him, briefly wondering when he’d pulled his cock out of his board short and what had happened to her bikini bottom.

He smirked at her before slowly pushing into her, his fingers digging into her hips while Cole was keeping her pressed up against his chest, his fingers still squeezing and twisting and lightly tugging on her nipples.

She managed to silence her moan, just, as Dylan’s cock was finally all the way inside her, stretching her inner walls in the most delightful way.

“Fuuuuck…” He was so big it almost hurt. Almost. But he made her so horny and wet that it never got to that point. Even after the 4 years they’d been together, it never ceased to amaze her that his cock actually did fit inside her.

He wasn’t thrusting as much as just pulling her down onto his cock then letting go, the water helping her body move back and forth just enough.

Her eyes locked with Dylan’s, her fingers digging into his arm to convey her pleasure to him since she couldn’t whimper like she needed to.

She knew full-on thrusting was not an option at that moment, no matter how much she wished it to be and that was probably a good thing.

As it was, she was sandwiched between her lovers, water lapping around their shoulders, their hands busy under the water, the setting sun casting shadows all around them, hiding what the trio was really up to in the pool.

She clenched around Dylan’s cock and he groaned then pulled her harder against him. Cole chose that exact same moment to squeeze her nipples really hard and a moan escaped her lips as her body arced in pleasure.

She broke the eye contact with Dylan and turned her head so she could reach Cole. They started kissing, tongues tangling in time with his hands twisting her nipples and Dylan’s almost thrusts.

She was trying her hardest not to moan loudly but she was used to being very vocal during sex and the pleasure they were giving her was making it increasingly difficult for her to be silent, especially since she could feel Cole’s cock getting harder against her ass with each of her moans.

“I need you,” she whispered to him, once again breaking the kiss, panting slightly, her hips moving non-stop now against Dylan.

“I know, baby.” He pressed his body closer to her but it wasn’t enough. She needed more. She needed his cock. She whimpered.


He kissed the side of her neck and rubbed the tip of her nipples with his thumbs before squeezing them again. Bolts of pleasure shot through her body, straight to her clit and she moaned again.

“Not here,” he replied in her ear and she knew he was right.

“Please…” she pleaded once more. She could feel her orgasm building up every time Dylan pushed inside her, hitting her A-spot with every slow thrust of his enormous cock. She knew Dylan was getting closer and she wanted Cole to get there with them.

He didn’t reply, instead focusing his attention on her nipples, squeezing and tugging and twisting in that way that made her crazy and she stopped thinking, instead losing herself in the sensations.

Cole was kissing her again and Dylan changed the angle of his slow thrusts slightly and suddenly her clit was getting a lot more friction.

She moaned in Cole’s mouth as she went over the edge a minute later, her pussy clenching madly around Dylan’s cock, her body arching into Cole’s hands. She felt Dylan pull her down tightly by the hips and he groaned as he emptied himself deep inside her.

She felt dazed and boneless, her head on Cole’s shoulder, her legs falling from Dylan’s waist at the same time his cock slipped out of her. Cole’s hands left her breasts, his arms wrapping around her waist to hold her to him.

She felt Dylan do the side ties on her bikini bottoms and smiled at him. He chuckled as he readjusted his board shorts, before leaning forward to kiss her.

“You’re so naughty,” he said, before kissing her again and she shook her head.

“Nah uh, you are the naughty one.”

It was Cole’s turn to laugh.
“You’re both as bad as each other. And just so you know, once we’re back upstairs, it’s my turn to have my wicked way with you.”

All Calleigh could do was moan at the thought.

“Talking about that,” Dylan said before he moved away from Calleigh and Cole.

“Hmm?” Calleigh leaned back against Cole, putting her hands over his as they drifted lazily in the water, enjoying the closeness of their bodies.

“What time are we meeting up with Cameron and Lyss for dinner?” Dylan finished his sentence right before he climbed over the edge of the pool.

Calleigh watched, entranced, as the drops of water ran down his wide shoulders, down his muscular back and his rather perfect butt.

Cole chose that moment to move one of his hands under the waistband of her bikini bottoms and she gasped, her eyes still on Dylan.

“You’re such a perve,” Cole whispered in her ear, kissing her neck.

Dylan walked over to the set of loungers where they’d left their clothes earlier and she saw him look in his pants for the fancy not-waterproof watch she’d bought him for his last birthday.

When he turned around after checking the time his eyes landed her and Cole, and she could see his smirk even with the pool between them. She kept her eyes locked with his, even when Cole’s fingers reached the top of her slit, and her hand tightened on his arm, nails digging in slightly.

Calleigh whimpered when Cole’s fingers moved over her clit and she noticed Dylan shaking his head as he walked back to the edge of the pool.

“Break it up, you two! No time for that now!” Dylan shook his head again and Calleigh let out a moan of protest when Cole moved his hand away and out of her bikini bottoms.

“He’s right, you know. We told Alyssa we’d meet them for dinner,” Cole added, standing up with her, his arm still around her waist.

She rested her feet on the bottom of the pool and realised it’d been some time since her feet had been on the ground.

“I know…” She huffed then turned around in his arms to face him. “It’s just…” She reached up on her tip toes, her hand moving between them to give his cock a squeeze that made him groan.

He was still hard and she was horny again. But then she was always horny around Cole and Dylan. “I didn’t get to have you.” She sighed exaggeratedly as she let go of him, knowing sexy times with her other lover would have to wait.

Cole chuckled and she smiled at him.

“Later, you hussy.”

She nodded then kissed him briefly before turning away and swimming to the ladder to get out of the pool. He caught up with her there and she giggled when he smacked her butt once as she climbed out of the pool.

She turned around to tell him not to tease her when she was already horny as hell but the words died in her throat when her eyes caught sight of the tent in his board shorts. Instead she bit her lip in an effort to stop the giggle threatening to escape but evidently Dylan didn’t have the same scruples.

“Careful, baby, it might poke your eye out if you get too close,” Dylan warned her with a chuckle. Cole merely rolled his eyes.

Calleigh was used to their antics and never tired of the banter between the two men she loved. With a giggle, she picked up her towel and wrapped it around herself before bending down to pick up Cole’s towel.

She heard a pained groan and turned around to hand him his towel. He was looking at her in a way that made her squeeze her thighs together and bite her lip to suppress a whimper.

“Stop it, woman!” Cole half-growled and Dylan chuckled from behind her then wrapped his arms around her middle. She relaxed in his embrace.

“He’s right, you know. You should really stop teasing the poor man with your skimpy bikini,” Dylan said, kissing her on the neck.

She let out a small moan from the brief contact then sighed exaggeratedly, shaking her head as she handed Cole his towel.

“Fine… I promise I won’t bend over to get your towel for you while I’m wearing a skimpy bikini.”

Calleigh couldn’t help giggling when Cole glared at her. “I’m sorry, baby. You know I’d help if I could, but we’re in a rather public space right now,” she apologised, trying not to laugh when Cole gave her a “Oh really?” look.

Dylan chuckled against her neck.

“That didn’t seem to stop you earlier,” Cole remarked with a smirk and Calleigh scoffed at his words.

“Me? I was the innocent meat in that sandwich! YOU are the one who gave Dylan the look!”

“Yeah, you did,” Dylan piped up.

Cole grinned.
“Yeah… I did… And you loved it.”

It was Calleigh’s turn to grin. Cole was right, she had loved every second of what had happened in the pool earlier, even if she knew it had been a rather risky thing to do, especially at that time of the day.

Dylan let go of her and started putting their clothes away in the colourful beach bag they’d brought with them. Calleigh watched Cole wrap his towel around his hips, and she felt a little bit bad he was going to have to walk back to the hotel with a rather obvious (and prominent) boner.

Unfortunately there was nothing she could do about his… present condition.

Well, nothing that wouldn’t get them kicked out of the resort.


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