Trampolines & kids limbs, part 2


Took the child back to the doctor on Friday. We waited for a bit then a nurse took the cast off. After some more waiting we saw the doctor who said that the x-ray had come back negative for a break. HOWEVER it still hurt when she pressed her fingers on Miss11’s ankle and said ankle was still puffy. As a safe measure, it was decided to put her in a fibreglass cast for 3 weeks, just in case there was a growth plate break they couldn’t see.

IMG_20150130_152804 IMG_20150130_152851 IMG_20150130_153232 IMG_20150130_170231 IMG_20150130_170906 IMG_20150130_171457 IMG_20150130_171558 She read her book every time we had to wait and read over 60 pages in the 2 hours we spent at A&M!!IMG_20150130_172335New cast, for 3 weeks. No putting water on it and no walking!


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