Damon & Natalia – The Beginning (Part 1)

I was looking in my notebook the other day and found a sex scene between Natalia and Damon that I had completely forgotten I had written.

This is NOT that scene.

This is how Damon & Natalia met.

You keep looking for that perfect flat screen, bro, I need to check on something.”

Without explaining any further, Damon left part-time flatmate Mark in the TV department and headed toward the whiteware. He vaguely heard Mark joke about forgetting to turn the oven off as he made his way past the cooktops part of the store.

He spotted that girl again; the reason he’d left his buddy behind. He didn’t remember seeing her in the store before that day but then he’d been away a while and had only just got back into town ahead of the regional rugby season.

Mark had suddenly decided he needed a bigger TV so they could have a decent PS3 marathon. Damon reckoned the TV at the house was plenty big but he knew better than to argue with Mark. After all it wasn’t like it was his money that was being spent.

Besides he’d be busy with training and the gym and doing what he was paid to do on the paddock every week. So they’d headed to the nearest electronics store where Mark had decided he needed to closely inspect every single TV to find the perfect one. Damon had soon lost interest until he’d turned around and spotted that girl by the fridges.

She’d been with customers then but she was alone now, busying herself straightening labels and piles of flyers. She had shoulder length brown hair that was held back with sparkly hairclips and even the boring store uniform couldn’t hide her figure.

Out of nowhere he’d felt the urge to see her sans the unflattering uniform to witness what he could tell even from the other side of the store were amazing boobs.

He approached her area casually, looking at the displays and glancing at her hands. He noticed she didn’t wear a ring on her left ring finger but he knew that didn’t mean much. He couldn’t explain to himself what it was about her that called to him like that. He just knew that he had to talk to her. Now.

Before she disappeared forever.

Natalia had noticed his gaze when she’d been helping a lovely couple select a new fridge.

Men looking at her were hardly a novelty, whether it be at work or otherwise, they’d been doing it pretty much since she’d grown boobs… She usually dismissed it and moved on. But something about this guy was different.

First of all, he was hot.


Even with the distance between them she could tell he was tall and built like he regularly visited the gym or played some sort of sport. He also had a beard, and while she wasn’t generally a fan of the beard, on him it was a REALLY good look.

He was over by the plasma screens with another guy, a mate, she hoped, rather than a boyfriend…

Of course it would just be her luck if Super Hot Guy HAD a boyfriend, when she couldn’t even get one of those herself.

It had been 6 months since she’d broken up with Ben, the last one in a collection of losers she seemed to be attracting. After finally realising Ben was the 4th useless wanker she’d been dating in a row, she’d decided to take a break from dating. And men. That was the only way she could think of to break the cycle of wankiness.

She put down the pile of flyers she’d been arranging on top of a washing machine and turned around to realise he was right there. A metre away. She felt her breath stop and had to make herself start breathing again. The smile on her face however did not have to be forced.

“Hello. Can I help you with anything?” she asked him as she was required, doubting he was after anything she could sell him. The way he was looking at her made her clit throb, which surprised her. She’d never reacted to another person this strongly before.

“Yes… maybe… I mean… it depends,” he replied, his eyes sweeping over her, his voice causing a deep clench in her pussy.

Oh god, his voice… Just as hot as the rest of him. Again the force of her reaction to a total stranger caught her by surprise and she reached out to rest a hand on the washing machine behind her, in an effort to steady her suddenly weak knees.

“Are you OK?” he asked, a concerned look on her face.

Crap. He’d noticed. Damn him and his hotness and his sexy voice…

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you. Um… It depends on what? I might be able to help if I know what you’re after?” she said, mentally high-fiving herself for managing to speak in a normal tone when she was fighting the urge to drag Super Hot Guy to the storeroom for a private demonstration. How unprofessional!

She saw his nostrils flare and she bit her lip to stop the whimper in her throat when she heard his answer.

“Well… you see… what I’m after might not be… available,” he explained, his eyes locked with hers, trying to convey what he really meant without actually saying the words.

This little game of double-entendre was all very nice but he wanted to be sure they were on the same page. Nothing worse than hinting at something and the other person not getting the hint!

The way she was biting her top lip, though… And her hand seemed to be having quite a grip on that washing machine. He watched her take a deep breath and look around the store. He hoped it was to check they were alone rather than her trying to get the attention of a colleague and have him removed from the store for harassing her or something.

She let go of the appliance and took a small step towards him, smoothing her work skirt down with both hands before looking up at him.

“I believe that what you’re after is available,” she finally replied and he released a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. Just as he was about to add that he was glad to hear it, he felt a hand land on his shoulder.

“Dude, there’s nothing wrong with the washing machine at my house.” Mark’s unwelcome voice said from behind him. “You’re about ready to go? They’re waiting with my TV at the counter.”

Damon sighed, looking over at his mate and nodding. Getting to know the girl whose name he’d only just realised was on her name tag would have to wait.

To his surprise (and delight) she didn’t miss a beat. She grabbed a flyer from the top of that washing machine beside them, turning it over at the same time she got a pen from her shirt pocket.

“Hang on, I’ll just write down the details for you and you can think it over,” she said, quickly writing something down on the back of the flyer before folding it and handing it to him. “Here you go,” she added with a smile. “Hope that helps.”

He smiled at her and thanked her, putting the piece of paper in his pocket before following Mark to the front of the store. When they got to the counter he turned around to see that she was still standing there, staring back at him, her hand to her mouth.

While Mark was busy paying for his TV, Damon got the piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it.

It read: “If you really meant what I think you meant… I finish work at 5.30pm. Natalia.” and under that was a cellphone number. He smiled and quickly looked back at her but she was busy showing a fridge to a woman. She turned and their eyes met; she gave him a quick smile before turning her attention back to her customer.

“All set, bro?” he asked Mark as he faced the counter again. His friend nodded and they made their way out of the store with the new flat screen TV.

Natalia checked her watch for what felt like the 50th time in the last hour. Finally, it was time for her lunch break. She told Maree she was going for lunch and made her way to the staff room. She got her handbag out of her locker and the container with her lunch from the staff fridge.

She made herself sort out her food before she sat down and turned her phone on. She couldn’t help smiling when she heard the message tone and told herself it was silly to hope it would be a message from Super Hot Guy already. It was probably just her grandma or something.

She opened her message inbox and was glad there was no one else in the room to hear her squee when she saw there was three messages from the same unknown number — as well as a message from her grandma confirming about groceries that night.

She started by replying to her grandma then scrolled to the three message from the unknown number, sliding her finger down the screen to access the first message.

Hey… I know I just left your store and you probably won’t check your phone for a while, but yes, I did mean you”

She bit her lip before scrolling to the second message and giggled when she read it.

Oh… yeah… my name’s Damon. Prob should have started with that”

She was trying out his name in her head when she reached the third and last text.

I hope you meant it because I would love to see you again, even if I have to punch my flatmate for hassling me about you. So when you get a chance, let me know”

She was trying to think of what to reply when she heard the message tone again. It was him.

Hi. Me again. Sorry for the novel before. I wouldn’t really punch him. Don’t think I’ve ever texted anyone this much before”

She giggled to herself and decided to reply before he changed his mind.

Hi! Just read your ‘novel’. The answer is yes. N”

She pressed Send before she could second guess herself. So much for taking a break from dating… Oh well, it couldn’t be helped.

When Fate throws a Super Hot Guy who wants to take you out on a date your way you can hardly say no.

She put her phone down and concentrated on eating her salad. She was startled a couple of minutes later when her phone started to ring.

She realised it could be Damon when a quick look at the display said ‘Unknown Number’ and her heart skipped a beat. She picked up her phone and answered the call.


“Hi. It’s me… It’s Damon.” She loved that he sounded just as nervous as she felt.


“Got your text and figured you’d be on your break.”

“I am. Just finishing my lunch before I have to go back on the floor,” she explained.

“Oh… I won’t keep you long, I promise. Just wanted to see if you wanted to catch up, maybe after you finish work today,” he asked and she sighed.

“I can’t tonight, I’m sorry… I completely forgot it’s Monday and I have to take my grandma do her groceries.” She heard his “Oh, ok.” and felt like she was shooting him down so she quickly added, “But I’m free tomorrow! From 2pm.”

She heard him chuckle and thought he sounded relieved.

“That works out well, then, since I finish training at 2pm,” he told her and she suddenly realised they hadn’t had a chance to touch on what he did for a living.

“Training?” she asked, curious now.

“Yeah… I play rugby. That’s my job.”

“Ooh… Is now a good time to mention I know nothing about rugby?” she asked because she had to.

He laughed and assured here that it was perfectly OK, before adding, “I can tell you about it when I see you tomorrow if you want.”

“I’d like that,” she told him, smiling until she looked up at the clock. “Um… I have to go back to work in a minute, but where… where should we meet up?”

“I was thinking maybe that café by the museum?” he offered. “We could go for a walk on the boardwalk afterwards… if you’d like… I mean…” he sounded flustered, which made her smile.

“Sounds lovely. I better go. I’ll see you tomorrow. Just after 2pm,” she replied and after saying goodbye, hung up and turned her phone off.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur and soon enough she was leaving work and heading to her grandma’s house. She let herself in with her key and made her way to the kitchen, dropping her bag on a chair before filling the jug with water and turning it on.

“Grammy! I’m home!” she called out as she got two cups out of the cupboard. She’d just put the tea bags in the mugs when she heard footsteps.

“Hello honey. How was your day?” Grammy asked as she entered the kitchen and sat down at the table.

“My day was… very good,” she reflected, unable to stop her smile. “Very good indeed.”

“Ooooh, what happened?” Grammy asked, very interested.

The jug clicked off and Natalia busied herself making their drinks, then brought them over to the table and sat down.

She looked up at the woman who’d raised her after her parents had died when she was 12 and been there for her through both happy and dark times.

She ran through that morning’s chance meeting in her head, biting her lip as she thought about Damon and wondered if she should give into the urge to text him that night.

“Does this boy have a name?” Grammy enquired, as astute as ever, before she took a sip  of her tea.

Natalia felt herself blush and sighed exaggeratedly before shaking her head.

“Am I that transparent, Grammy?”

“You forget I know you, darling. That look on your face… I haven’t seen it in a long long time,” Grammy elaborated with a smile.

“Well, he came into the store this morning, with his flatmate who wanted to buy a TV. I noticed him looking at me and I couldn’t help looking back… He’s all tall and athletic, turns out he plays rugby for a living. Oh and he has a beard, which, you know, so not my thing, but on him it’s just… gaaah!”

Grammy laughed at her antics but she couldn’t help it. There was something about him, about the raw magnetism of that man that just called to her.

“So… did you talk to him? Are you going to see him again or is this one of those ‘admire from afar’ situations like when you were 16?” Grammy couldn’t resist asking.

“We didn’t have much time to talk at work, because his flatmate showed up and wanted to leave. So I gave him my number. And when I checked my phone at lunch time I had a bunch of texts from him, as well as that one from you. And then he rang me,” she told Grammy, getting all excited all over again.

“You gave him your number while you were at work? Are you allowed to do that?” Grammy asked, knowing full well she wasn’t.

“Well, I pretended I was writing down details for the washing machine we were standing in front of, I don’t know what came over me, Grammy, but I knew I couldn’t let him walk out of the store like that!” she added, blushing as she was feeling retroactively embarrassed for being so forward earlier that day.

“That’s my girl!!” exclaimed Grammy, clapping happily. “So he rang you already? Sounds keen…”

“We’re meeting tomorrow after I finish work and he’s done with training. That café by the museum. He mentioned the boardwalk too,” she told Grammy, while drinking her tea.

“That’s great news, my darling! He already seems to be putting in a lot more effort than that loser you were seeing a few months back,” Grammy added, finishing her drink.

“Time will tell, I guess,” Natalia said, putting her cup down. She looked up at the clock and realised it was later than she’d thought so added, “Right, shall we go? Those groceries aren’t going to do themselves!”

Grammy nodded before getting out of her chair.

“I’ll go get my purse, you get the shopping list off the fridge,” she said before leaving the kitchen.

Natalia got up from her chair and walked over to the fridge, which was covered in photos held with various touristy fridge magnets.

She smiled as she spotted a photo of her and Grammy on one of their holidays with Grammy’s 2 best friends from school. She picked up the shopping list and walked back to the table to put it in her bag.

That’s when she realised she hadn’t taken the time to turn her phone back on after she’d finished work. She sat back on the chair as her phone started up and she heard the message tone. She was just opening the message in her inbox when Grammy walked back in the room.

“Ooooh, another message from Mr Keen?” Grammy asked as she picked up her keys from the dish on the bench.

Natalia blushed and grinned at the same time, nodding. Grammy walked back over to her and Natalia got up from her chair, handing the phone over to Grammy so she could read the message Damon had sent.

I know, I know, you’re busy with your grandma… I’m trying to study but Mark is having a PS3 marathon (by himself!). Can’t hear myself think. Thinking about you… Is it tomorrow yet?”

Grammy handed her back her phone and she locked the keypad before sliding it in her bag.

“Are you not going to reply?” Grammy asked as they left the house. Natalia unlocked the car and put her handbag on the floor behind the driver’s seat, shaking her head.

“I’ll reply when we’re at the supermarket. I need to think about it,” she replied then turned the car on and backed out of the driveway.

On the way to the supermarket she kept thinking about that text. She wondered what he was studying and felt all giddy that he was thinking about her AND telling her about it. They got to the store and she found a park, still thinking about what she was going to text back.

“So…” Grammy asked as soon as they were inside the store, pushing the trolley while Natalia got the list out of her bag, before adding, “What are you going to answer that nice man whose name you still haven’t shared with me?”

“Grammy…” Natalia groaned as she put the fruits and vegetables noted on the list in her hand into the trolley then sighed. “I don’t know… I mean… what if I sound all needy and like, overeager and then it backfires…”

“Lia…” Grammy shook her head and she pushed the trolley round the corner from the produce area into the next aisle, Natalia walking half a pace behind her, her eyes on the shopping list. “From what you’ve told me, he seems to really like you so I doubt he would think that.”

“I know, I know, it’s all in my head,” Natalia answered, her attention half on the list, half on where she was going.

Her brain registered that there was someone a few metres ahead of her and she started to move to the side, towards her grandmother, to avoid a collision when she realised who that person was and stopped in her tracks.

“Oh my god, it’s him!” she exclaimed, grabbing a hold of Grammy’s arm.

“Who? Where?” Grammy asked, visibly confused.

“Damon!” Natalia replied, realising a bit late she’d spoken loud enough for him to hear and suddenly wishing the Earth would open and swallow her.


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