Fifty Shades of Perspective

Rosalie Stanton hits the nail on the head (for me anyway), way better than I ever could hope to do it myself.

Me saying I don’t like Fifty Shades of Grey is NOT an attack on the people who enjoyed the books/movie. I haven’t read the books and have no intention to. You read them and enjoyed them, good for you!

We are all entitled to like different things and people judging other people for liking different things need a slap upside the head.

There will always be things we like that other people don’t. I used to let it get to me. These days, not so much. You like something? Own it. Fuck the judgemental assholes who try to shame you because you like something.

Personally, I have zero interest in Game of Thrones, no matter how much some friends have tried to get me to watch it. I just scroll past when it shows up on my newsfeed on Facebook. Sue me.

Rosalie Stanton

cuffsUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the book series and recent film Fifty Shades of Grey is an international phenomenon. You also know that it is a highly contentious debate topic, and it’s not hard to see why. On the surface, the argument set forward by both sides is rather simple. Fifty Shades is abuse versus Fifty Shades is fiction. Fifty Shades romanticizes unhealthy relationships versus Fifty Shades allows for escapism. The danger here is not in romanticizing Fifty Shades, or in shaming those who enjoy it, though certainly both things are occurring. Rather, there are at least three—and probably many more—arguments that are occurring simultaneously under the guise of one.

660-50Shades-NatlCtrDisclaimer: I have and will not read Fifty Shades. I also have not seen nor plan to see the movie. However, I have discussed the problematic themes with many people, read numerous articles…

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