I think we can all agree that I suck at this blogging thing. But then I started this blog to share some of my writing, not with a though to blog x times a week about my life.

School holidays here and I’ve been crocheting a lot lately, so now I have a sore wrist… *sigh*

I did get an idea for a new story, so another WIP to work on, going to run out of notebooks soon!!

And then there was this time I wrote a sex scene and when it came time to type it on the WIP doc it belongs to, I realised it was pretty much exactly the same as the last sex scene in that particular WIP so had to change all that around!

In other news, we’re finally getting a new deck, no more slippery broken death trap at our house! The builder showed up yesterday morning and ripped the old deck out, saying he’d come back around 9am today. It’s now 12.40pm and no sign of him yet.

It’s cooled down a lot, winter is most definitely on its way and we need to get some firewood asap!

Have a lovely day!


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