Introducing Tom & Maria

I really wish Bree would write more about these two… Can’t wait to see what happens when their respective families find out they’ve been seeing each other.

Emma Masson-Oakden

As I tweeted a couple of days ago, I have spent FAR too much time studenting (totally a word) lately; because of this writing has become almost non-existant.  I had to do something about that.

So I did.  The characters of Tom and Maria introduced themselves to me and suggested I write about them… I now give to you, a little snippet of their story.




“God I have missed you,” Tom exclaimed the second she entered the hotel room; she didn’t even have a chance to reply in kind before he had her pressed against the wall and was kissing her hungrily.

The hunger wasn’t one sided by any means. All Maria had been able to think about since she had kissed him goodbye a week earlier was being back in his arms, his lips against hers, naked flesh writhing against naked flesh.

Even as they kissed, clothes…

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