I used to have a MacBook. Well, I still have a MacBook but it sits in my drawer.

In 2012 the screen went dark and the guy who was supposed to fix it didn’t and in the end I got my money and my laptop back. He didn’t put it back together quite right so I am too scared to turn it on (not that I could see much, it’s like looking at something with sunglasses on, through an old x-ray sheet).

About a month ago, I thought, hey, maybe I sent a copy to my friend Kitty way back when and I did a search in my emails. I found Bree’s first story and I found a file in the name I was looking for that wasn’t a .doc but I saved it anyway.

Tonight I was having a clean up of my Downloads file and I happened upon that file. The icon for it is a blank page. I decided to open using Notepad.



It won’t copy and paste and saving it as a .doc or even .odt wasn’t working so I saved it as .txt and used an online converter. It kinda worked. By that I mean, it spread it over 183 pages (I didn’t write that much!!!) and there’s a 5 line paragraph on a page, then about 3 blank pages…

It’s gonna take me forever to sort through all of it but I don’t care. I have it back!!!

I’m still going *squeeeeee* on the inside.


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