I got crafty again!

Excuse the blurriness of the photos, my phone doesn’t like to take close-up photos.

I got some tiger wire this afternoon so tonight I made more stitch-markers.


Might have to make more and sell them…




It’s Monday. Again.


It’s Monday here, nearly lunchtime. The sky is blue (for the most part), the sun is shining but it was VERY windy last night then it rained buckets. Parts of New Zealand are covered in SNOW this morning, which reminds us once again that winter is definitely on its way and we need to get some firewood pronto.

On Sunday afternoon my wife asked me if I could make her some stitch markers. Apparently no matter how many stitch markers a knitter has, they will always need more. She knows I can do stuff with beads and wire so I got her to choose some beads & got to work.


stitchmarkersThe photo is a bit blurry because phone cameras don’t like close ups. I actually made a 7th one to use the tiny  bit of tiger wire I had left. Soooo going to buy more tiger wire on payday and make more stitch markers!!

Today in a suburb of Auckland named Papakura (nowhere near a beach) a seal is on the loose (and on Twitter!).


It occured to me yesterday it’s been 3 months since Sarah died. Still wanting to share things with her every single day, like this photo I found this morning. She would have loved the Coldplay GoT thing too, I just know it.


Aaaaand yesterday this happened! Feeling a bit starstruck. I mean it’s one thing when a famous person you follow favourites your tweet, but getting a reply? So much better!

jmgAnd last night I wrote 6 whole A5 pages of a new story I woke up thinking about on Sunday morning so yay me!

Have a lovely end of weekend!

Prague envy

My friend Mariette just came back from a 4 day trip to Prague and posted photos on Facebook.

I looked through her photos and felt like crying.

I have a serious case of Prague envy…

I was there for 2 weeks, in the summer of 1997 (by summer, I mean July/August, because even if I have been living in New Zealand for 14 years next month, when I hear summer, my brain still goes to the Northern Hemisphere definition). It’s been 18 years, I shouldn’t get affected like this, right?


I mean, I loved my 2 months in the States but I don’t feel emotional when I see photos of the places I went to when I was Stateside.

But Prague… I loved it there so much and I’ve always dreamed of going back.

Have the 3 photos that touched me the most today…

All credit to Mariette Brown Photography

Church of Our Lady before Týn

Church of Our Lady before Týn (in Czech Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem)

Love love love the look of that church, especially at night. It looks magical.



Prague Castle (in Czech Pražský hrad)

Part of the Charles Bridge on the right hand side. That big square building by the river was used in Mission : Impossible (so was the bridge). ^_^


karluv most

The Charles Bridge (in Czech Karlův most) with part of St. Nicholas Church behind it.

Going into Malá Strana (Lesser town in English), which is my favourite part of Prague. I stayed up the hill from there and walked through it every time I went into town.

I am being good and sticking to those 3 photos…

One day I’ll go back.

I have to.

Blah – Midweek blues

It’s cold.

MetService says 10 degrees Celsius but it feel waaaaaay colder in our lounge. It’s overcast which just adds to the blah.

My wrist hurts and typing with the splint is not fun.

I want to write but my brain is not cooperating.

Didn’t go to knitting group because Emma had a tooth out yesterday and not feeling like it, also it’s handover day (the knitting group is knitting/crocheting items for Birthright, an association that helps one parent families) and the newspaper people will be there.

So blah.

Feeling less tired, finally, after two weekends waking up at all hours to watch rugby 7s (Glasgow then London). My cold is getting better, only got a cough now and the croaky voice.


A Gay Dad’s Open Message to Toys R Us: Stop Thrusting Gender Propaganda on My Kids

My son is 7. He LOVES purple. My wife and I bought him purple pants & purple shoes & a purple dressing gown and he was ecstatic.
His father was not pleased the purple coat we’d bought him was from the girl side of the store. My son doesn’t care that it is sold as a girl item. He loves his coat because it is purple.
Last Saturday I was doing face painting at a community event. I painted a little girl’s face as Spider-Man like she’d asked. Her mother was apologetic about her daughter liking Spider-Man.

This makes me sad. We’re teaching our children that there are no ‘girl’ colours or ‘boy’ colours, same with toys, yet the world is constantly shoving it their faces that there IS girl things and boy things, and they must not be confused…

evoL =

ImageSince day one in the gay marriage debate, the “traditional marriage” advocates have leveraged cries of indignation, and hyperbolic circular arguments to make their points.  Most of these arguments listed the many things that same sex couples “could not do”, which, clearly they not only COULD do but were already doing.  The underlying point all the irrational statements have in common is one foundational core that its advocates desperately want to “protect”.  That point is that men and women hold mutually exclusive roles in the family and neither of those roles can or should be filled by a member of the opposite gender.     

The anti-gay advocates rail against parents like me because they fear that by being myself, I am incapable of fulfilling a role not defined for me.  They say that I will deprive the children under my care.  It seems self-evident to them that I, no…

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That crochet thing…

On the weekend I started crocheting a Captain America shield beanie for a 4yo following a pattern my wife found for a Batman beanie (that she made, and it looks awesome). The actual shield design is all me.

captain americaIt looked too small so I kept increasing my rows, checking for size on the nearly 5yo to make sure. I ended up with a couple of extra rows of red.

It’s not as tight as I’d like it to be but there’s nothing I can do about that. Emma reckons it’s perfectly fine and she loves it.

Last night I started a Hawkeye beanie, following the same pattern but this time using the directions for an adult beanie (instead of a preschooler size one).

I ended up with pretty much the same amount of stitches increase as I did with the preschooler beanie. If I keep following the pattern, I have about 4 rows to do and it will be too short.

Soooooooooo not feeling this beanie thing anymore.

Pissed off I am.

Because on top of today being super cold, this morning I thought, oh, I’ll create an account on my computer for the nearly 5yo so she can play online games without me risking all my stuff.


The Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen Of Death

May the 4th be with you, they said.

Lie to me, they did!!

What is wrong with me?

That was a rhetorical question, I know I’m crazy…

I seem to be making every song about sex this morning.

We’ve got MTV Classic on, as usual, and Love Is All Around came on and my brain went, hang on, you can touch it with your finger and it grows? TOTALLY A SONG ABOUT A PENIS!

Then my brain changed ‘you can make me whole again’ to ‘you can fill my hole again’


That’s not counting the time I rewrote “Killing Me Softly” to be about this guy with a massive cock…

But then I’m quite proud of that song. It works.

Shut up.