That crochet thing…

On the weekend I started crocheting a Captain America shield beanie for a 4yo following a pattern my wife found for a Batman beanie (that she made, and it looks awesome). The actual shield design is all me.

captain americaIt looked too small so I kept increasing my rows, checking for size on the nearly 5yo to make sure. I ended up with a couple of extra rows of red.

It’s not as tight as I’d like it to be but there’s nothing I can do about that. Emma reckons it’s perfectly fine and she loves it.

Last night I started a Hawkeye beanie, following the same pattern but this time using the directions for an adult beanie (instead of a preschooler size one).

I ended up with pretty much the same amount of stitches increase as I did with the preschooler beanie. If I keep following the pattern, I have about 4 rows to do and it will be too short.

Soooooooooo not feeling this beanie thing anymore.

Pissed off I am.

Because on top of today being super cold, this morning I thought, oh, I’ll create an account on my computer for the nearly 5yo so she can play online games without me risking all my stuff.


The Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen Of Death

May the 4th be with you, they said.

Lie to me, they did!!


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