A Gay Dad’s Open Message to Toys R Us: Stop Thrusting Gender Propaganda on My Kids

My son is 7. He LOVES purple. My wife and I bought him purple pants & purple shoes & a purple dressing gown and he was ecstatic.
His father was not pleased the purple coat we’d bought him was from the girl side of the store. My son doesn’t care that it is sold as a girl item. He loves his coat because it is purple.
Last Saturday I was doing face painting at a community event. I painted a little girl’s face as Spider-Man like she’d asked. Her mother was apologetic about her daughter liking Spider-Man.

This makes me sad. We’re teaching our children that there are no ‘girl’ colours or ‘boy’ colours, same with toys, yet the world is constantly shoving it their faces that there IS girl things and boy things, and they must not be confused…

evoL =

ImageSince day one in the gay marriage debate, the “traditional marriage” advocates have leveraged cries of indignation, and hyperbolic circular arguments to make their points.  Most of these arguments listed the many things that same sex couples “could not do”, which, clearly they not only COULD do but were already doing.  The underlying point all the irrational statements have in common is one foundational core that its advocates desperately want to “protect”.  That point is that men and women hold mutually exclusive roles in the family and neither of those roles can or should be filled by a member of the opposite gender.     

The anti-gay advocates rail against parents like me because they fear that by being myself, I am incapable of fulfilling a role not defined for me.  They say that I will deprive the children under my care.  It seems self-evident to them that I, no…

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