It’s Monday. Again.


It’s Monday here, nearly lunchtime. The sky is blue (for the most part), the sun is shining but it was VERY windy last night then it rained buckets. Parts of New Zealand are covered in SNOW this morning, which reminds us once again that winter is definitely on its way and we need to get some firewood pronto.

On Sunday afternoon my wife asked me if I could make her some stitch markers. Apparently no matter how many stitch markers a knitter has, they will always need more. She knows I can do stuff with beads and wire so I got her to choose some beads & got to work.


stitchmarkersThe photo is a bit blurry because phone cameras don’t like close ups. I actually made a 7th one to use the tiny  bit of tiger wire I had left. Soooo going to buy more tiger wire on payday and make more stitch markers!!

Today in a suburb of Auckland named Papakura (nowhere near a beach) a seal is on the loose (and on Twitter!).


It occured to me yesterday it’s been 3 months since Sarah died. Still wanting to share things with her every single day, like this photo I found this morning. She would have loved the Coldplay GoT thing too, I just know it.


Aaaaand yesterday this happened! Feeling a bit starstruck. I mean it’s one thing when a famous person you follow favourites your tweet, but getting a reply? So much better!

jmgAnd last night I wrote 6 whole A5 pages of a new story I woke up thinking about on Sunday morning so yay me!

Have a lovely end of weekend!


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