Frozen fingers and toes.

As bad as the floods were last weekend – and OMG the clean up has only just started and it’s going to be a mammoth task for those involved – at least it wasn’t so freaking COLD!
The sun came back, the temperature plummeted.
It was -1 (Celsius) on Monday morning (and -19 in some parts of the South Island, that’s -2.2 for those of you who work with Fahrenheit), there was serious frost on the car on Tuesday and Wednesday morning when it was time to take the kids to school.
No frost on the car since but OMFG it’s so cold!
We have a tiny amount of firewood to see us through the weekend, all the kids will be home. Such fun.
We go out during the day because anywhere is warmer than in the dining room where my laptop is.
MetService says it’s 11 degrees right now, ‘feels like 10’ but I swear to you, in my dining room, it feels more like 5 or below.

Oh winter, you heartless bitch.


Wanganui floods 2015

The sun is out now and the temperature had dropped a LOT. The river has gone down and they’re reopened the one of the bridges (all 4 were closed yesterday!). We made it to the airport this morning and our friend Alison got on the first of 3 planes to get home.

This is the bottom of my ex husband’s street on Sunday morning

Nixon Street

The city centre is closed off until further notice.

centre ville sinistré

Inondations (10)

Samedi soir entre 22h et 4h (1)

Samedi soir entre 22h et 4h (3)

Samedi soir entre 22h et 4h (4)

Samedi soir entre 22h et 4h (5)

Samedi soir entre 22h et 4h (7)

Three before and after shots. The water has gone down a bit now but it is still pretty impressive!




It’s winter!

We woke up at 6am and there was no power.
There’s flooding all over our town, a bunch of roads are closed.
Around 10.30am we went over the bridge to our friend’s house, because she had power and we were desperate for a cup of tea and some toast.
We carefully drove home at 1pm, after getting some bread from the dairy. The river is really really high (and it’s high tide at the moment) and a few streets around us are flooded.
The power came back on at 1.30pm and we quickly boiled the jug in case it goes off again.
Our backyard is currently a pond and I’m expecting the ducks to arrive any minute!
The 3 photos I’m posting are photos we took a block away from our house, where the power station is for our area, around 10.30am this morning… It’s much worse now.
But we’re home, we’re safe, we have firewood for tonight and we have food.
I don’t think the kids will have school on Monday though… 😉




I read fanfic and I’m not ashamed of it

I fell into fanfic back in 2007.

I can’t remember exactly how I ended up looking for Spuffy fanfiction (not that I knew that was what it was called at the time), but I found some and I was hooked.

Looking back, my marriage was breaking down at the time so diving head first into fanfic was probably my way of coping with that and escaping…

I read a lot of stories, for a while back then I was the 3rd most prolific reviewer at Elysian Fields . Spuffy fanfic did what Joss Whedon hadn’t done and gave Buffy and Spike the happily ever after I wanted them to have.

I also got into beta’ing for some of the authors I met on the archive and one of them pushed me to write. In 2008 I wrote 1200 words, which I posted on my LiveJournal account. A couple of years after that, I was beta’ing a story for my friend Kitty and I kinda wrote the last 2 chapters of her 3 chapter story…

That was the first time I wrote smut. It scared me a bit. These days, not so much.

I branched out a little bit and read Supernatural fanfic (Dean centric) and some Sanctuary stuff too but nothing grabbed like Spuffy had.

I kinda stopped reading fanfic in 2009 but kept in contact with the people I had met because, well, they are my friends now.

I still beta from time to time. I have a chapter to do today and send back so its author can post it on the archive. I read one of her fics the other day so I’d be up to date with the chapter she sent me.

One of the friends I made in the Spuffy fanfic world is now writing The Walking Dead fic and I love what she writes so I’m branching out and reading her stuff.

Her author name is Serenity and she has 2 fics (Daryl-centric) up on a TWD fanfic website.  Never Too Late   which is finished and Need You Now which has 6 chapters up at the moment but I know she has about 100 chapters ready to post for that story if you want to have a look.


#fanficcanbeawesome #fanficcanalsobereallybad

Is the guilt ingrained?

Reblogging this because it is important.
Also, because Channing is taking his clothes off in the video at the end of the post.
But really, because it is June and June means Adult Sex Ed Month and there is the fact that we as women still feel guilt for being sexual.
(Also, I’m writing a post, and should finish it… sometime…)


For the best part of two weeks now, I have been incredibly horny.  Not a little horny, not a lot horny, incredibly horny.  I have had sex dreams most nights for over two weeks, I can’t control myself around my wife,  I can’t stop thinking naughty thoughts or plotting naughty scenes for various half-written stories.  I want to orgasm, I want to make my wife orgasm, then I want to do it all over again.

Not something I should be complaining about, right?  Well try and tell my brain that.  I felt a bit (mentally) off most of yesterday and last night ended up close to tears because I felt so damn guilty for being so bloody horny all the time.  I preach about women embracing their sexuality, about allowing themselves to be the sexual beings they want to be, I complain about the double standards when it comes to…

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