I read fanfic and I’m not ashamed of it

I fell into fanfic back in 2007.

I can’t remember exactly how I ended up looking for Spuffy fanfiction (not that I knew that was what it was called at the time), but I found some and I was hooked.

Looking back, my marriage was breaking down at the time so diving head first into fanfic was probably my way of coping with that and escaping…

I read a lot of stories, for a while back then I was the 3rd most prolific reviewer at Elysian Fields . Spuffy fanfic did what Joss Whedon hadn’t done and gave Buffy and Spike the happily ever after I wanted them to have.

I also got into beta’ing for some of the authors I met on the archive and one of them pushed me to write. In 2008 I wrote 1200 words, which I posted on my LiveJournal account. A couple of years after that, I was beta’ing a story for my friend Kitty and I kinda wrote the last 2 chapters of her 3 chapter story…

That was the first time I wrote smut. It scared me a bit. These days, not so much.

I branched out a little bit and read Supernatural fanfic (Dean centric) and some Sanctuary stuff too but nothing grabbed like Spuffy had.

I kinda stopped reading fanfic in 2009 but kept in contact with the people I had met because, well, they are my friends now.

I still beta from time to time. I have a chapter to do today and send back so its author can post it on the archive. I read one of her fics the other day so I’d be up to date with the chapter she sent me.

One of the friends I made in the Spuffy fanfic world is now writing The Walking Dead fic and I love what she writes so I’m branching out and reading her stuff.

Her author name is Serenity and she has 2 fics (Daryl-centric) up on a TWD fanfic website.  Never Too Late   which is finished and Need You Now which has 6 chapters up at the moment but I know she has about 100 chapters ready to post for that story if you want to have a look.


#fanficcanbeawesome #fanficcanalsobereallybad


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