It’s winter!

We woke up at 6am and there was no power.
There’s flooding all over our town, a bunch of roads are closed.
Around 10.30am we went over the bridge to our friend’s house, because she had power and we were desperate for a cup of tea and some toast.
We carefully drove home at 1pm, after getting some bread from the dairy. The river is really really high (and it’s high tide at the moment) and a few streets around us are flooded.
The power came back on at 1.30pm and we quickly boiled the jug in case it goes off again.
Our backyard is currently a pond and I’m expecting the ducks to arrive any minute!
The 3 photos I’m posting are photos we took a block away from our house, where the power station is for our area, around 10.30am this morning… It’s much worse now.
But we’re home, we’re safe, we have firewood for tonight and we have food.
I don’t think the kids will have school on Monday though… 😉





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