Frozen fingers and toes.

As bad as the floods were last weekend – and OMG the clean up has only just started and it’s going to be a mammoth task for those involved – at least it wasn’t so freaking COLD!
The sun came back, the temperature plummeted.
It was -1 (Celsius) on Monday morning (and -19 in some parts of the South Island, that’s -2.2 for those of you who work with Fahrenheit), there was serious frost on the car on Tuesday and Wednesday morning when it was time to take the kids to school.
No frost on the car since but OMFG it’s so cold!
We have a tiny amount of firewood to see us through the weekend, all the kids will be home. Such fun.
We go out during the day because anywhere is warmer than in the dining room where my laptop is.
MetService says it’s 11 degrees right now, ‘feels like 10’ but I swear to you, in my dining room, it feels more like 5 or below.

Oh winter, you heartless bitch.


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