We added to our family!

We can’t have a baby, for reasons beyond the merely physical impossibility that comes with being a same sex couple. So we did the next best thing. We got a cat.

Emma Knits

I’ve posted on this blog quite a lot about the conflicting emotions that come with knowing that Lauriel and I aren’t going to have a baby together.  It’s something I find I have made peace with about 90% of the time, but there is still that 10% of the time where I feel anything but peace-ish.

We recently celebrated Emersyn’s 5th birthday (note to self: do a general update post!) and amongst the partygoers was a teeny, tiny, utterly adorable, perfectly perfect 3 week old bubba girl, Lillian.  As you can probably guess, holding that teeny, tiny, utterly adorable, perfectly perfect baby in my arms triggered the not-so-at-peace emotions I feel with regard to Lauriel and I not having our own kiddo together.  Watching my wifey holding the baby my uterus literally ached, and then when I finally had a cuddle I went into that automatic gentle-swaying-side-to-side, whispering-soothing-words type of…

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