School holidays.

It’s the first week of the school holidays (winter break, 2 weeks) and we have all 4 kids home this week.
We went to a friend’s house on Monday afternoon.

Miss8 spent most of Tuesday with her best friend and we took the other 3 shopping (and to get Mr7 and Miss5 well needed haircuts).

On Wednesday we took all 4 of them to Knitting Group then we had hot chips by the beach before going home to watch the All Blacks. That night I took the younger 3 to the free movie at the library, my wife and Miss11 stayed home. The movie they showed was Big Hero 6, which Mr7 has watched a bunch of times already so he wasn’t overly interested.

Today we took them to do finger puppets at the library and they stayed out of the way this afternoon while we watched Hawke’s Bay v Wairarapa Bush. I don’t talk about rugby much on my blog but we love love love watching rugby. ^_^

On Monday my kids are going to their father’s for a week. I don’t think he’s talking to me right now, which is fine, I don’t need to talk to him. I think he didn’t like the fact that I stood my ground on an issue last week, instead of just agreeing to what he wanted.

I’ve been feeling the pull to write more for 2 days but haven’t had a chance to actually do it. We’ve been binge watching season 1 of Empire, which hasn’t helped.

I feel exhausted. But at least I’m not sick (Miss5, Mr7 and my wife are coughing a lot at the moment).

I hope I didn’t just jinx it.


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