Lucy – chapter one

Not sure if you’ve caught up with this new story by new author Acacia Masden, but this is chapter 1 of Lucy’s story.
I can’t wait to see what Lucy decides to do once she has the result of that test.

Acacia Masden fiction

The first ‘official’ chapter of Lucy’s story is now ready to share!  I am quite excited because I have found it a struggle to write lately, but at the moment it seems to be flowing; typical really, my final semester of university begins on Monday!  Hopefully my writing mojo and study mojo can cohabitate nicely this semester.  Dreams are free, right?

(You can find the prologue of Lucy’s story here!)


(this picks up around two months after Adam’s party)

“Lucy, you are going to be late if you don’t get your ass out of bed right now!” her mum didn’t sound pissed off now, she sounded angry.
“Fine,” Lucy grumbled and sat up slowly. Her head felt as heavy as a bowling ball and the thought of having to get up for the day was enough to make her want to cry.
“You still need to have breakfast…

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