Behold! A crochet post!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but we have joined the knitting (and crochet) group at the public library on the other side of town. We meet there on Wednesday mornings and chat as we knit/crochet. The lady in charge decided that we needed to have a tea cosy exhibition. I was not aware that people still used tea cosies. I have a teapot and never use it…

We have signed up to man the exhibition for a 3 hour block on the first Friday.

On Tuesday night I decided to give it a go and picked some green yarn. I am winging the whole thing, as usual. But I think it worked out ok.

11694977_10154069699802846_2817798944243628284_nMight put some of those crocodile stitch flowers by b.hooked all over my tea cosy.


I’ve also made 2 bassinet blankets for the babies at the NICU at Wellington Hospital after a lady working there left a post asking for blankets, cardis and singlets for the tiny babies they look after.

baby blanket 1

baby blanket 2^_^


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