Some writing bug that was. Only NOT.

I haven’t written a word since.

I can’t decide what happens next.

I can’t crochet anything either, end up frogging everything I’ve started.

I did make another flower for my tea cosy on Thursday night but then I ran out of wool so that was that.

It’s 9am and it’s 3.7°C and apparently it ‘feels like -1°C’ and half of the car was covered in ice. Yes, half, because it was parked on the road and the passenger side and back window got the sun early so no ice on there.

You know what else? The kids are back at school today after two weeks of and it’s eerily quiet in the house!!

Time for another cup of tea.


7 thoughts on “Some writing bug that was. Only NOT.

  1. I tried to send some of our heat wave to you, but it clearly didn’t work. We had a heat index of 109 F today. I damn near melted into a puddle of Tori goo, simply from walking out on to my porch. Yikes.

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  2. I’m burning up here at 31 C (yes I google the conversion, the switch happened at the end of middle school so we never learned Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions!) I forget you and my other pal Raphaela (Australia) are surviving wintery winds and snowy ice! July being winter… I can’t even! Lol

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