An unexpected trigger

One day last week my wife was reading an article on her computer and then disappeared in our room.

I went to see her and gave her a hug and asked what was going on. She said she didn’t know why she felt the way she felt, that there was no reason, no trigger.

I told her that was bullshit, there is ALWAYS a trigger. I was right.

Emma Knits

Shaun+Kenny+Dowall+Sydney+Roosters+Training+DV6Hw4A07UNxI was in a really good mood last week… until I read a news article online and my whole mood plummeted.  I just mentally and emotionally flatlined.  It wasn’t until a day or two later that I realised exactly what had happened to me when reading that article; I had been triggered.

Triggers are something I’m no stranger to.  I have triggers related to my abortion, to the sexual abuse I suffered, to my nephew dying, to my ectopic pregnancy, to the earthquakes… but never before had I experienced a trigger related to depression.

The article I was reading was about the domestic violence allegations against Shaun Kenny-Dowall and was written after he’d been hospitalised due to concerns surrounding his mental health.  To begin with there is a bit of background about the  journalists previous experience interviewing SKD as well as his own opinions on the man.  Pretty standard…

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2 thoughts on “An unexpected trigger

  1. It is wonderful that we have these amazing people to pull us back and focus us. I am glad that you have one another (I can’t comment on your lady wife’s blog, I don’t know what’s up with my connection! I hope this posts!) to be there supporting each other. It’s wonderful to know we can truly have the ability to completely shatter and rise up once again, piece by blessed peace and be made whole again. Not in the same way, never in the same way, but in a new altogether wonderful way. Blessings on you both!


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